‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Pass Through Fire — Season 2, Episode 5

Keyleth is forced to confront her fears and gains a power upgrade in the process.

Summary (TL;DR)

Keyleth’s childhood flashback reveals the start of her Aramenté, a rite of passage for the Ashari people. In the present, Vox Machina discovers an erupting volcano with a rift to the Fire Plane near Pyrah, Keyleth’s homeland. Grog struggles to control his bloodthirsty sword, Craven Edge, as Vex bargains with Scanlan for the magic word to control a flying broom. Keyleth reunites with her father and, despite her incomplete Aramenté, works to close the rift. After a fierce battle, Keyleth embraces her connection to the Fire Plane, transforms into a fire elemental, and seals the rift for good. The episode ends with the revelation of a traitor within the Ashari and Anna Ripley plotting with Umbrasyl.

Mommy Dearest

This week’s flashback revolves around Keyleth’s childhood. A youthful Keyleth weeps, asking her mother not to depart. Vilya, Keyleth’s mother, assures her daughter of her return and offers an impromptu lesson. She beckons the elements, and Keyleth’s father, Korrin, joins in. Though Keyleth is intimidated by the flames, Vilya reminds her that fire needs air. As a member of the Air Ashari, Keyleth was made to pass through the flames. Korrin declares it time for Vforced,o embark on her Aramente, and they watch her leave.

Something is Amiss in Pyrah

In the present moment, Keyleth is collecting firewood when a change in the winds catches her attention. Meanwhile, Vex continues to boast about her miraculous resurrection and newfound maturity, much to the annoyance of her companions, who feel she isn’t contributing in any useful way. When Pike asks Keyleth about her seeming distracted, Keyleth reveals they are now close to Pyrah – the abode of the Fire Ashari and the portal to the Plane of Fire. Despite her longing to visit Pyrah as it was the last known location of her mother, Keyleth reluctantly agrees with Vax, who insists that their focus must remain on defeating the Chroma Conclave.

As the conversation continues, Pike wonders where Grog is, who was supposed to be answering the call of nature. Instead, Grog is engaged in a mysterious dialogue with his weapon, Craven Edge. When Scanlan interrupts to see what’s going on, Grog cleverly covers up his conversation by having Scanlan play music, masking the dialogue between him and his sword. Grog pleads with Craven Edge to curb its insatiable thirst for blood, but the sword remains indifferent, only concerned with being fed with the blood of Grog’s foes. After all, this is the price Grog must pay for wielding a sword once owned by his arch-nemesis, the vampire.

While Vax is on watch, he has a vision of a burning city, where he opens a carved door, filled with mysterious whispers and an ugly skull. After rousing his fellow adventurers, Vax sets out for a stroll, but Keyleth quickly spots something amiss. Despite his efforts, Vax cannot remove the armor that clings to him like a second skin.

Meanwhile, Vex requests that Scanlan use his magic to read the runes on the broom she took from Gilmore’s. Scanlan complies, soaring into the air, but refuses to share the magic word until Vex offers him a favor. Distrustful, Vex chases after Scanlan, consumed by a rage that threatens to destroy the newfound maturity she recently acquired.

High above the ground, Scanlan makes a disturbing discovery—an erupting volcano, with the rift to the Fire Plane situated within its fiery heart. Sensing the danger, Keyleth shifts into a hawk and takes flight for Pyrah, the home of the Fire Ashari. Though Vax protests, Vex reminds him of Keyleth’s unwavering loyalty to Vox Machina, and the group sets out to lend their aid to the Fire Ashari and unravel the mystery of the erupting volcano.

The Fire Plane  

Amidst the smoldering ruins of Pyrah, Keyleth is reunited with her father Korrin, who’s come to help close the rift in the Fire Plane. Korrin, unaware of Keyleth’s unfinished Aramente, brings her closer to the rift and entrusts her with the task of helping Headmaster Cerkonos. Meanwhile, Vox Machina arrives and engages in battle with the fiery gilas. Unfortunately for Percy, he’s flammable and an easy target. Vex releases Trinket, her pet bear, from the Raven’s Slumber locket to assist in the fight. Despite Vex’s pleas, Scanlan still refuses to share the magic word for the broom until she agrees to his mysterious favor. Craven Edge complains about the fire gilas’ lack of blood. When Pike overhears their bickering, Grog is forced to publicly declare his love for blueberry pie as a cover.

Lady Kima and Allura Vysoren arrive, having teleported themselves to the party, and lead them to the rift. Kima reveals that Allura was able to save the Tal’Dorei royal family from the Chroma Conclave’s attack, and that the two were responsible for banishing Thordak to the Fire Plane using the Soul Anchor. With the fate of Pyrah hanging in the balance, it’s up to Keyleth, Vox Machina, and the Ashari Firetamers to close the rift and prevent catastrophe.

Keyleth and Korrin succeed in closing the rift, but the seal shatters as a new wave of monsters pours into Pyrah. Scalan finally agrees to share the magic word with Vex, who takes to the skies with the enchanted broom to aid in the attack. Craven Edge hungers for blood, showing zero regard for the dire situation at hand. After Korrin is wounded in battle, Keyleth tearfully admits she hasn’t completed her Aramente due to her fears. She hears her mother’s voice, reminding her of her connection to the Fire Plane. Keyleth enters the rift, telling herself that fire can’t hurt her if she doesn’t allow it. Transforming into a powerful fire elemental to defeat the beasts, Keyleth manages to reseal the rift.

At the ceremony to mark Keyleth’s successful completion of her fire trial, Cerkonos warns of a rogue Ashari responsible for Thordak’s escape. Keyleth explains to Vax she feels a bond to the Fire Plane and that she has the potential to travel between realms. With the cleanup of Pyrah underway, Kima and Allura choose to remain before departing for Whitestone, where they hope to find answers about the vanished Elven city of Syngorn. Vex accepts Scanlan’s favor, sealing the deal with Trinket peeing on the bard.

The city from Vax’s vision is shown, with half-giants ruling over the people and the dragon Umbrasyl admiring his hoard. Anna Ripley warns Umbrasyl of the Conclave’s impending downfall unless he listens to her counsel. The stage is set for new challenges and adventures for Vox Machina.

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