Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1, Episode 16 Recap: The Hidden Enemy

Jedi Knights face a formidable enemy force on Christophsis, leading to unexpected twists, betrayals, and a battle for the truth.

Summary (TL;DR)

Jedi Anakin and Obi-Wan plan to ambush droids but face a surprise attack. Anakin rescues Obi-Wan as they flee, but a captured droid head hints at a traitor among them. The Jedi investigate and realize they’re being spied on. A mysterious transmission leads to suspicion of a clone trooper, Slick. In an explosive chase, Slick’s betrayal is exposed, and he’s captured.

Anakin and Obi-Wan continue their mission, facing Asajj Ventress. They defeat her but discover her plan to attack Christophsis with a massive army. Meanwhile, the clones deal with the aftermath of the betrayal and salvage heavy cannons for the upcoming battle. Unity and loyalty among the clones are tested in the face of betrayal.

Morale: Truth enlightens the mind, but won’t always bring happiness to your heart.

The Ambush and Unexpected Twist

In a tense showdown on the planet Christophsis, Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, alongside their loyal clone troopers, find themselves facing a formidable enemy force. Their mission is clear: ambush the advancing droid army from the safety of two strategically positioned towers. With their blasters ready, they await the perfect moment to strike and defend their position.

But fate has other plans in store. In a shocking turn of events, the droids suddenly change their formation, splitting into three columns. As the battle takes an unexpected twist, a wave of droids infiltrates Obi-Wan’s tower. The situation becomes dire, prompting Anakin to swiftly request an immediate evacuation via a gunship. Determined to rescue his comrade, Anakin leads his squad to assist Obi-Wan.

Together, they make their daring escape to the tower’s roof, pursued relentlessly by the droid forces. Just in the nick of time, their gunship arrives, providing a lifeline for the beleaguered Jedi and clones. However, before they depart, a clone seizes the opportunity to snatch the head of the command tactical droid. This prize may hold the key to uncovering how the Separatists discovered their carefully laid plan.

Back at their base, Captain Rex and Commander Cody analyze the captured droid’s memory, desperately seeking answers. Despite their best efforts, they only manage to extract fragmentary information before the droid’s head is rendered useless. Their findings reveal that the Separatists were aware of their position ahead of time, leading Obi-Wan to speculate that there could be a traitor in their midst. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Jedi resolve to embark on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines to uncover the truth. They entrust the clones with the task of keeping this mission classified.

Uncovering the Truth

Yet, as the Jedi depart, Cody notices something amiss. Someone had left their comlink on, secretly eavesdropping on their conversation. Quick to react, Rex and Cody give chase to the mysterious eavesdropper, but their pursuit ends in frustration as they lose the culprit amidst the crowded mess hall. It becomes clear that one of their trusted brothers has betrayed them. With their communication channels blocked by the droids, the clones must devise an alternative plan to contact the Jedi and expose the traitor within their ranks.

Undeterred, Rex and Cody ask R2-D2 to analyze the communication history. Their search leads them to an irregular and elusive wavelength that had gone undetected. The source of this mysterious transmission appears to emanate from the barracks belonging to Slick, one of the clone troopers. Determined to get to the bottom of this treachery, Rex and Cody interrogate Slick’s comrades, questioning their activities during the critical moments.

Jester was preoccupied with cleaning his weapon, Punch and Sketch were accounted for in the mess hall, and Gus was attending to his duties in the infirmary. Suspicion falls upon the last trooper, Chopper, who exhibits signs of concealing something. With reluctance, Chopper admits to collecting droid fingers as unauthorized war trophies, a violation of protocol. However, he vehemently denies being a spy. Slick intervenes, offering his full cooperation in the impending investigation when the Jedi return.

But Chopper cannot contain his outrage. He reveals that he witnessed Slick entering the command center instead of the mess hall, contradicting his earlier claims. Cody also notes that Slick had an uncanny awareness of the Jedi’s departure.

Sensing the walls closing in on him, Slick seizes the opportunity to escape. Rex and Cody give chase, but their efforts prove futile as Slick executes a devastating plan, detonating explosives strategically placed earlier. The gunships, AT-TEs, and the weapons depot all fall victim to the explosions. In a chilling realization, the other clones inform Cody and Rex that Slick entered the command center, prompting the two officers to secure the area.

Defeating the Enemy

Meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-Wan continue their perilous journey towards the Separatist stronghold on BARC speeders. Despite growing droid surveillance, they refuse to abandon their mission, even though its secrecy has been compromised. Arriving at the enemy base, they encounter Asajj Ventress, a formidable adversary they have faced before. The Jedi Knights skillfully engage Ventress in combat. Though they manage to gain the upper hand, their victory proves short-lived as Ventress cunningly creates a gaping hole beneath their feet, causing them to plummet to a lower level. Defiant and taunting, Ventress makes her escape, leaving the Jedi to ponder her next move.

Undeterred by the setback, the Jedi pursues Ventress, discovering her meticulously orchestrated plan to unleash an entire army upon Christophsis. With the odds stacked against them, they battle Ventress once more, toppling the tri-droid she stands upon before escaping on STAPs. Sensing the imminent threat, Ventress dispatches General Loathsom to deal with the Jedi while she advances her master’s agenda, fleeing to the Trident.

Inside the command center, Rex and Cody press on in search of Slick. They deduce that he has taken refuge in the vents, and devise a clever ruse to lure him out. Leaving Cody’s blaster conspicuously on a table, they pretend to initiate a lockdown, prompting Slick to descend from his hiding place. To his dismay, he finds the blaster empty, and Rex emerges behind him. A fierce physical confrontation ensues as Slick reveals his motivations. He claims to be weary of the suffering endured by his clone brothers, enticed by promises of freedom and financial gain from Ventress. Cody manages to incapacitate Slick, and they take him into custody.

As Rex and Cody present the captured traitor to the Jedi, Slick defiantly declares his loyalty to his fellow clones. Cody and Rex swiftly counter his arguments, highlighting the peril in which Slick has placed them all in. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Cody commands the other clones to escort the traitor to confinement.

Though the battle has left their arsenal decimated, Rex reports a silver lining. The heavy cannons have been salvaged, a vital asset for the impending conflict that awaits them.

As the dust settles on the battlefield of Christophsis, the clones face an uncertain future. Their unity has been tested, and the cost of betrayal has become all too real. In the coming battle, they will stand shoulder to shoulder, relying on their unbreakable bond to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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