Love hate relationship between gaming companies and retail stores

“Something is utterly broken at the heart of the AAA business.” I agree, and it has been broken for a long time.

I just finished editing a video (it’s encoding). “My time” is when my house is quiet.

Catching up on my RSS feeds, I saw this article and I agree. The current model is broken and a new one needs to be implemented. People treat you the way you allow them to. Gaming companies allowed themselves, out of fear, to be placed in this position with retail companies.

What’s more useful is to ask how on earth we got ourselves into this position, because an industry which thinks it’s reasonable to wage war on perfectly normal consumer behaviour in this way is an industry that’s seriously dysfunctional.

Often, you can’t truly run from confrontation and postponing it can make it worse. In this case, it’s turning into a war with gamers/consumers caught in the middle. Gaming companies need retail stores but can thrive without them. A retail store without products can’t thrive. Gamers will go directly to the game company to purchase the game.

It’s up to the gaming companies to make a game compelling enough to thrive the passion to play it.

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