World of Warcraft: Missing Jan 2024 Trading Post Rewards and Achievement

Did you finish the activities for January 2024’s Trading Post but did not receive the rewards? You aren’t alone.

Update: This was mostly fixed in the January 16, 2024, in the Seeds of Renewal update. The Golden Mobile Timepiece is still missing (no image).

Summary (TL;DR)

Glitchy Trading Post in World of Warcraft prevented me, and many others, from receiving the January 2024 rewards. Support wasn’t helpful, but fear not! Submit bug reports, share your experiences online, unite with fellow players, and let’s slay this bug together!

Missing the Trading Post Rewards for January 2024?

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a game’s challenges, only to be met with an infuriating lack of reward? You’re not alone. Glitches and bugs can leave us feeling cheated out of our hard work. But before you rage-quit (we’ve all been there), there are steps you can take to turn lemons into loot.

My Case: A Tale of Missing Treasures

World of Warcraft’s “Trading Post” offers monthly rewards for dedicated adventurers. Since February 2023, subscribers have received 500 “tenders” (in-game currency) and earned additional tenders by completing activities. These activities culminate in a monthly reward, with a special bonus for completing 12 months of activities: 

  • Golden Mobile Timepiece 
  • 500 Tender bonus
  • Ensemble: Burden of Unrelenting Justice (transmog set)
  • Trading Post Enthusiast achievement

January 2024 rolled around, and I diligently ticked off every Trading Post challenge. Chest opened, excitement peaked… only to be met with a broken treasure chest that would not give me my rewards.

From Glitches to Grace: A Guide to Calm Action

Instead of unleashing my inner dragon rage, I followed these steps:

  • Double-checked everything: Were all previous months claimed? Did I truly conquer January’s tasks? Tick, tick, double tick.
  • Waited for the weekly reset: Sometimes, the digital gods just need a reboot. Alas, the missing rewards persisted.
  • Contacted support: With a calm and clear support request, I highlighted the issue, emphasizing the urgency of resolving it within January (remember, Trading Post goodies rotate monthly!). Another issue: if there is a 24 month version of the achievement, players experiencing the bug will be a month behind if it is not resolved in January 2024.

Support Said What?

While the Game Master’s did not resolve the problem, but had great role-playing in it, they’re not entirely wrong. I’ve been adventuring in Azeroth since the beta days – 19 years of facing (and occasionally befriending) bugs! Unfortunately, Game Masters are not given the tools to resolve issues like this.

However, this isn’t just about one missing watch. Here’s the crux:

  • This bug is known to the developers.
  • Players have reported it (for this and previous months) through official channels.
  • Support often redirects players to forums instead of actively addressing the issue.

I expected the Game Master to check my account, confirm I had fulfilled the requirements to receive the rewards, then forward my support request to the proper bug reporting methods they use. Then developers would only have to focus on what Game Masters, and perhaps Community Managers, have vetted and confirmed as a bug, versus forum posts and responses. 

Missing Rewards for Previous Months

Many players did not realize they were missing progress from previous months. If you are missing months on the Trading Post Enthusiast achievement, you can check your account to see if you have all the monthly rewards: 

  • Feb 2023: Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount
  • Mar 2023: Ensemble: Darkmoon Harlequin’s Bellsa
  • Apr 2023: Transmog- Arsenal: Blades of Elune
  • May 2023: Savage Green Battle Turtle mount
  • Jun 2023: Quawks mount
  • Jul 2023: Grotto Netherwing Drake dragonriding mount
  • Aug 2023: Ensemble: Bones of the Bloodhunter
  • Sep 2023: Crusty Crawler mount
  • Oct 2023: Eve’s Ghastly Rider mount
  • Nov 2023: Arsenal: Cosmic Weapons Cache Seetheras Broadsword of the Sunderer and Gorridar, Darkblade of the Sunderer
  • Dec 2023: Buttercup the baby moose pet
  • Jan 2024: Golden Mobile Timepiece (missing, despite completion), 500 tenders, Ensemble: Burden of Unrelenting Justice, Trading Enthusiast achievement

Beyond the Bug: Persistence and Community Strength

This is where the community comes in. Sharing your experiences on forums and social media can bring attention to the problem, potentially prompting a swifter fix, but can also help other players realize there is a problem. By leveraging the collective voice of adventurers, we can ensure everyone gets their hard-earned loot, glitch-free!

Remember, the journey isn’t always about the destination. Even when faced with frustrating bugs, staying calm, taking action, and uniting with fellow adventurers can turn a lost treasure into a shared victory.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye on official updates and forums for news on bug fixes. Sharing screenshots or detailed descriptions of your issue can also be helpful for developers investigating the problem.

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