Baldur’s Gate 2 Lore: Escaping the Clutches of Darkness

You are imprisoned by the sorcerer Jon Irenicus. Escaping, you face dark betrayals, and battle through adversity to confront Irenicus.

Short Story: The story follows you, the “Child of Bhaal,” who gets captured by the powerful sorcerer Jon Irenicus, seeking to exploit your divine essence. Alongside imprisoned companions from the first game, you plan an escape orchestrated by adoptive sister Imoen, another Child of Bhaal. In the city of Athkatla, an argument leads to Irenicus and Imoen’s arrest. To locate them, the protagonist must raise 20,000 gold through adventurous quests. You and Imoen end up in Spellhold asylum on an island, and a risky infiltration plan backfires when Irenicus steals you and Imoen’s souls. Being soulless, you temporarily turn into the Slayer’s dark form. With allies, you battle Irenicus, escape the Underdark, and confront him during an immortality ritual in Suldanessellar. Irenicus drags them to hell, but you triumph and defeat him, reclaiming your soul.

Captured by Irenicus

The story begins shortly after the events of the first game, and you find yourself as the protagonist known as the “Child of Bhaal,” with divine essence flowing through your bloodline. You are imprisoned by the powerful and enigmatic sorcerer, Jon Irenicus. This villainous mage seeks to harness the divine essence within your bloodline for his dark purposes. Alongside our hero, three familiar faces from Baldur’s Gate – Imoen, Minsc, and Jaheira – are also held captive. The companions have suffered losses, with Minsc’s witch Dynaheir killed, and Jaheira’s husband Khalid tortured to death, leaving her emotionally devastated.

Just as hope seems dim, a ray of light shines when Imoen, your adoptive sister and fellow Child of Bhaal, orchestrate a daring escape from Irenicus’ lair. Together with your companions, you manage to break free. The city of Athkatla becomes your next destination, where you plan to confront Irenicus and put an end to his malevolent schemes.

In Athkatla, a heated argument ensues between Imoen, and Irenicus. In a fit of anger, Imoen unleashes her magic upon the sorcerer. However, their actions attract the attention of the Cowled Wizards, who intervene and arrest both Irenicus and Imoen for unauthorized use of magic.

A Deal with Powerful Organizations

In the slums of Athkatla, you encounter Gaelan Bayle, who offers assistance from a powerful organization in locating Imoen or Irenicus. However, the price for this help is steep – 20,000 gold pieces. You are also approached by and offered the help of another rival guild, headed by Bodhi in locating Imoen or Irenicus. It is your choice on whom to side with in finding Imoen and Irenicus. 

With no other option, the protagonist embarks on a series of adventures through Athkatla and the surrounding lands to raise the necessary funds. Meanwhile, Imoen and Irenicus are taken to Spellhold, an asylum located on an isolated island.

The Descent into Spellhold

Armed with the required gold, you receive assistance from the chosen organization and board a ship sailed by the dubious Saemon Havarian to infiltrate Spellhold. However, your plan backfires when Irenicus captures you and subjects you to a ritual, stealing your soul. Imoen had previously undergone a similar ritual, binding her soul to Irenicus’s sister, Bodhi. You must now confront this newfound darkness within yourself.

With the aid of Spellhold’s inmates, you and your companions engage in a fierce battle against Irenicus, forcing him to retreat. Pursuing your enemy, you escape to the surface through the treacherous Underdark.

A Showdown in Suldanessellar

As the journey continues, you encounter an army from the elven city of Suldanessellar. Irenicus, with his dark magic, seals the entrance to the city. Determined to stop the sorcerer’s nefarious plans, you and your companions find a way to infiltrate the city and confront Irenicus during his immortality-granting ritual.

In an intense battle, you and your allies attempt to slay Irenicus, but the mage drags them into hell. Amidst the infernal abyss, you face your ultimate foe and emerge victorious, finally defeating the wicked elven mage and putting an end to his malevolent schemes.

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