Moana’s Story: Learning How To Be True To Yourself

Are you happy? If not, why aren’t you making changes, so you can be happy?

Continuing my journey of catching up on movies, I watched Moana. I love the hair animations. Yes, I picked the movie because of the hair. I had no idea about story plot. I was surprised it inspired it me to take an honest look at my life. Why was I doing things that didn’t make me happy?

This article contains spoilers, blah blah blah.

TLDR: Story Plot

A young girl names Moana lived on an island. It came to light that their resources were dangerously depleting. The crops were failing, and they were unable to catch fish. Their island was cursed. Things were not looking good. Moana suggested traveling outside the island, but her father was strongly against it. It was tradition to not leave the island.

Moana, being the adventurous young lady she is, decided to leave the island to try to save her people. To save them, she has to find a demigod and have him reverse the curse. She had quite the adventure, which I won’t spoil, correcting the wrongs that were done in the past.

Learning about yourself and being true to yourself. That was what the movie was truly about.

Why Are You Doing It?

Moana’s situation is a common one. Growing up, we adopt the beliefs of those around us. From the type of clothes we wear, the type of products we use, even down to the religion we practice. Some people keep doing things as they’ve always been done. But why are they doing it?

Are you a lawyer because you love practicing law or because your parents said “no” when you said you wanted to be an artist?

Do you practice a certain religion because you believe in it or because you were taught to do it?

It’s healthy to question things. To explore and step outside your comfort zone. That is what Moana did. She was told no one should leave the island. She knew in her heart that wasn’t the best decision. Moana did not let fear stop her from doing what she felt was right. In the end, she was right. She could have been wrong. It would have been a learning experience.

While watching Moana, I realized I picked another movie that had a moral story that I needed to hear.

Break Free

Recovering from 2020, now is a good time to check if you are happy.

  • Do you like your job?
  • Are you happy in your relationship?
  • Do you like where you live?
  • Do you love yourself?

If the answer is no to any of these, start planning how you can be happy.

If you wanted to be an artist, but are practicing law, start saving up, so you can change careers. If you fell out of love with your significant other, fix it or end it. The right person cannot come into your life if you stay with the wrong one. Remove or resolve the things that give you anxiety, remove the fears from your life. Build your self-confidence. Try new things.

There may be people who do not agree with your decisions. You knew this, deep down, which might be why you avoided it. While you might want specific people to share your journey closely with you, that might not be what is best for everyone. If they become angry or disappointed in you, the door is open for you to attract like-minded people. Wouldn’t you prefer to have people around you that respected your right(s) to decisions that make you happy, even if they did not agree with them?

It’s not too late. Do it!

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