Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: Devil on Her Shoulder

Lunella creates a potion to shrink Devil to human size. Lessons are learned.

Summary (TL;DR)

Lunella creates a shrinking potion for Devil, so he can join her and Casey at the movies. However, Devil takes too much and keeps shrinking. They seek Dr. Bill Foster’s help, who gives them a formula for a growth potion. Meanwhile, Torg terrorizes the Lower East Side after he was portrayed negatively in the latest blockbuster, but Devil manages to talk him down. In the end, Devil and Torg become friends, embracing their sizes, and Casey creates a movie to celebrate their unlikely friendship.

Devil’s Dilemma

It’s a bright and peaceful day in the Lower East Side, where Moon Girl hangs out with the locals. Devil wants to join in on all the fun, but his massive size prevents him from doing things like playing basketball and swinging on the swing set. Rockin’ Rudy’s presence only exacerbates Devil’s insecurities by hiding in places that are too small for Devil to fit through. Devil and Moon Girl chase Rockin’ Rudy into a pottery shop, but the thief escapes capture (again) when Devil accidentally knocks down all the shelves due to his size.

Back in Lunella’s secret lab, she tries to assure Devil that there’s nothing wrong with being big. Unfortunately, that’s when Casey shows up ecstatic about the release of the new film Droom v. Torg: Dawn of Destruction. Lunella is going with her, but Devil has to stay behind since he’s too big to fit inside the theater. Wanting to relieve Devil of his pain, Lunella decides to invent a “Tincture of Tininess” — a potion that will make him smaller temporarily. Casey has her doubts about the potion’s effectiveness, but that doesn’t stop Lunella. The potion works, and Devil shrinks down to roughly human size, but Lunella wants to keep Devil’s identity a secret to prevent villains from realizing that Moon Girl is vulnerable now. Casey has the idea of painting Devil green, so he’ll resemble Droom from the movie.

Tiny Devil’s Adventure in The LES

The trio heads out to the theater, where everyone assumes Devil is just a dedicated cosplayer. After enjoying Droom v. Torg, they roam the LES as Devil does all the things he’s always wanted to do. He can finally play basketball with Lunella and Casey, use the swing set, and play Frisbee with the local dogs. The trio even breaks into Intermediate School 833 where Devil pretends to be a teacher and backs up the toilets.

On the way back to the lab, Devil wants to play in a children’s ball pit, but Lunella tells him that they’re too big. As a depressed Devil washes off the green paint, he can’t stop thinking about the playpen. Before the shrinking potion wears off, Devil sneaks past Lunella and Casey and drinks the rest of the potion. 

Now the size of a baby, Devil is having a blast at the ball pit until he’s confronted by Lunella. She’s furious because Devil was supposed to take a specific amount, not to mention he can’t protect himself while in his current state. As Casey and Lunella walk away from the ball pit, they’re horrified when Devil shrinks again. The quantum particulate in the formula is causing Devil to shrink involuntarily.

A Race Against Time

The only person who might help is Dr. Bill Foster, but he’s known to be reclusive. Casey is able to track him down using social media, allowing Lunella to contact him as Moon Girl.

Dr. Bill Foster is both surprised and honored to be on a video call with Moon Girl, but he warns that the effects of the shrinking potion won’t wear off. This causes Moon Girl to realize that Devil will keep shrinking until he ceases to exist. Dr. Foster sends Moon Girl the formula for the “Essence of Enlargement” — the growth formula is only theoretical, but it’s the only option she has.

Before Lunella can work on the growth formula, news breaks that the real-life Torg is on a rampage in the city to protest his negative portrayal in Droom v. Torg. Moon Girl and a tiny Devil try to stop him, only to get their butts kicked. Moon Girl sends Devil back to the lab while she stays to fight Torg. She coaches Casey via headsets through the process of making the Essence of Enlargement, successfully restoring Devil to his original size. Devil returns to the city and battles Torg one-on-one.

An Unlikely Friendship

However, their fight comes to a screeching halt once Devil and Torg find themselves stuck in the memorial arches they tried to jump through. Torg breaks down in tears when he confesses that he’s always been told he’d be a villain due to his size. Seeing himself portrayed as such in Droom v. Torg was the final straw for him. Devil admits that he also feels misunderstood and offers his friendship, which Torg accepts. Moon Girl uses the growth formula to increase the size of one of her boxing gloves, using it to free Devil and Torg. When Moon Girl offers to make another shrinking potion, Devil turns it down, as he’s finally accepted his giant size. She apologizes to Devil for feeding into his insecurities by creating the tincture instead of encouraging him to be himself.

To celebrate, Casey makes a movie highlighting Devil and Torg’s friendship. She hosts a premiere for everyone in the LES to watch, with the two leads/buddies in the front row.

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