Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: Devil on Her Shoulder

Lunella creates a potion to shrink Devil to human size. Lessons are learned.

The Devil and Lunella fail to catch Rockin’ Rudy for the third time. That’s when Casey shows up at the base to deliver some exciting news about the release of Droom v. Torg: Dawn of Destruction. The two are thrilled, but their excitement is short-lived when they realize that Devil is too big to fit inside the theater. Lunella refuses to let Devil miss out on the action, and with a flicker of inspiration, she concocts a “tincture of tininess” to shrink him down to human size. Despite Casey’s doubts, Lunella forges ahead, and the potion works like a charm. To keep Devil hidden from prying eyes, they paint him green to resemble Droom from the movie.

The trio sets out to enjoy the film together. After enjoying the movie, they roam around town, exploring new sights and sounds. Devil wants to try playing in a children’s playpen. But when Lunella tells him that they’re too big for the playground, Devil can’t resist sneaking away to drink more of the potion to shrink even more, so he can play in the playground. Lunella and Casey are horrified when they discover that he’s still shrinking, and they turn to social media to find Dr. Bill Foster for help. He sends them a theoretical growth formula, warning them that it’s their only hope to save Devil from shrinking away to nothing.

As fate would have it, Torg himself appears in the city to protest his negative portrayal in the movie. Lunella must battle him, while Devil swallows the growth formula in desperation. The formula works wonders, restoring Devil to his normal size and allowing him to fight Torg. But the battle takes a strange turn when the two adversaries find themselves stuck in a pair of structures. Torg confesses that he’s always been told he’s a villain because of his size, and Devil offers him comfort and friendship. Despite Lunella’s offer to tinker with the formula even more, Devil is content with his size, and Casey creates a movie that showcases their unlikely friendship for the whole L.E.S. to enjoy.

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