‘The Mandalorian’ Recap: Chapter 2: The Child — Season 1, Episode 2

Mando has an encounter with Jawas, leading us to learn a secret about the Child.

Mando and the Child traverse the rugged desert terrain, their journey seemingly destined to end in the Child’s handover. As they trek, a pack of adorable lizard-like creatures trail them, yet they swiftly scurry away to safety. The sudden appearance of the creatures alerts Mando to an imminent ambush, and sure enough, a band of Trandoshans assaults him. Mando efficiently overcomes them. As he inspects the battlefield, he finds a tracking fob lying on the ground—a signal that many are in pursuit of the Child.

As the sun sets over the desert, Mando tends to a wound inflicted during the fight. A blade had pierced through his armor and dug into his arm. The Child observes him for a while before disembarking from his floating carrier and making a move towards Mando, as if to heal him. However, upon noticing the Child’s approach, Mando lifts him back into the carrier. The Child tries again, but Mando remains steadfast, returning him to the safety of the carrier and closing the top.

On the following day, the duo arrives at the Razor Crest, only to find it stripped bare and being looted by Jawas. In retaliation, Mando fires at the Jawas, causing them to flee into their Sandcrawler. He gives chase, scaling the Sandcrawler in pursuit of the looters. At the top of the vehicle, the Jawas unleash bolts of electricity, sending Mando tumbling off. As the Sandcrawler lifts off, Mando lies unconscious on the ground.

The Child, who is the most loyal bounty because he did not try to escape, gazes at Mando. After some time, Mando wakes up and the two make their way back to his damaged ship. The ship’s weapons cache is missing, it won’t start, and several parts have been taken, leaving Mando and the Child stranded. They return to Kuiil’s for help, and Mando explains the situation to him. Kuiil is stunned to learn that the Child is the source of the planet’s unrest and reminds Mando that the Jawas didn’t destroy the ship, they stripped it, so they might be able to retrieve the missing parts. Kuiil agrees to take Mando to the Jawas to trade for the parts. Meanwhile, the Child hungrily devours a frog.

Upon meeting the Jawas, Kuiil instructs Mando to lower his weapons, so they can trade. However, Mando demands the return of his stolen parts and threatens to blast fire from his armor. The Jawas then demand the Child and Mando’s armor in exchange for the parts. After negotiating, the Jawas finally settle on trading for an Egg, the specifics of which are unknown.

As the group journeys in the Jawas’ Sandcrawler, they approach a cave. Mando enters the cave alone, only to be thrown out by a rhino-like creature. The creature attacks Mando, but the Child, observing the scene, uses the Force to hold the rhino in place and saves Mando. Although using the Force drains the Child, Mando is able to defeat the rhino and retrieve the Egg. Mando is shocked to discover that the Child possesses Force powers.

As the Jawas prepare to depart, thinking Mando has perished, he suddenly appears with the Egg. The Jawas are ecstatic, eagerly cracking it open to enjoy its yellow-orange yolk. On the way back to the Razor Crest, carrying their newly acquired parts, Mando and Kuiil discuss the Child’s use of the Force. Despite not fully understanding, they both seem amazed.

With Kuiil’s help, Mando quickly repairs the Razor Crest. The Child slept through the entire process, still recovering from using the Force to save Mando. Once the repairs are finished, Mando expresses his gratitude to Kuiil, offering him a share of the bounty and a job as a crew member. Kuiil respectfully declines, content with his newfound peace and independence.

After bidding farewell, Mando starts the engines and takes off. The Child continues to sleep but as the episode ends, we see him awaken, curiously observing Mando as he pilots the ship. Adorably cute.

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