‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Rise of the Chroma Conclave — Season 2, Episode 1

The new season has Vox Machina confronted by their deadliest foes yet.

Summary (TL;DR)

The Chroma Conclave, a group of powerful dragons, attacks Emon during Uriel’s abdication speech. Vox Machina witnesses the city’s destruction and the death of the Sovereign. They escape the chaos and take shelter in Whitestone. Faced with the overwhelming threat, the party is divided on their next move. Ultimately, they agree to seek help in Vasselheim, knowing the dragons will likely pursue them.

The Legend of Vox Machina is back with 12 new episodes that will be released over the course of 4 weeks. The first 3 episodes were released on Amazon Prime Video, January 20. The second season of kicks off with Emon getting hit by a massive dragon attack.

The Rage of the Chroma Conclave

The episode begins where the season one finale left off, with Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei announcing his intention to step down from the throne and transfer power to the Tal’Dorei Council. He praises Vox Machina for saving the republic, and expressed his trust in the nefarious Briarwoods, but before he can finish his speech, the sound of bells ringing fills the air. Vex’ahlia, sensing danger, falls to her knees. Suddenly, four dragons appear in the sky and begin attacking the city of Emon.

Raishan spews poisonous gas, Umbrasyl rains acid to melt victims, Vorugal unleashes an explosion of ice, freezing civilians, and Thordak’s fire-breathing transforms into a destructive white beam that decimates the city. The crowd attempts to flee the death and destruction brought on by the dragon’s attack. Vex’s twin brother, Vax’ildan, wants to ensure Uriel’s safety, but Scanlan reminds him that Uriel is no longer Sovereign. Raishan unleashes a toxic attack on the royal family, but Allura Vysoren manages to save them with a protective bubble. Unfortunately, anyone outside the bubble succumbs to the gas, including Uriel.


Amidst the chaos of the attacks, Vax catches sight of a mysterious black-haired woman who quickly disappears. The party becomes separated during the invasion, and Shaun Gilmore calls out for everyone to meet at his shop.

Keyleth, Vex, Scanlan, and Grog are confronted by Raishan, but Keyleth manages to deflect her poisonous gas. Raishan reveals that she recognizes Keyleth from looking through the scrying orbs in General Krieg’s/Brimscythe’s house. As they flee, their escape is blocked by Thordak who demands that the city submit to the power of the Chroma Conclave. Percy, Pike, and Vax are running for their lives when Percy is knocked unconscious by falling debris. Pike heals him as the trio is pursued by Umbrasyl.

The two groups of Vox Machina eventually reunite as they make their way to Gilmore’s shop, which has been destroyed. An injured Gilmore uses an enchanted stone to transport Vox Machina to Greyskull Keep, located outside the city.

Now What?

As they settle into the abandoned keep, Gilmore notices Grog’s new sword, Craven Edge. Grog jokingly claims to have acquired it from Sylas Briarwood, but Gilmore warns that the sword radiates dark magic. The party debates their next move; Percy wants to escape to Whitestone, Scanlan wants to flee to Marquet, but Pike insists they should not run from their problems. Keyleth worries that the invasion may be a form of revenge for killing Brimscythe.

As they are discussing, a group of refugees from the city appear at the gate, with Vorugal in hot pursuit. Keyleth quickly opens a portal to Whitestone, while Scanlan tries to distract the dragon by casting an illusion of himself and Vex, however, Vorugal sees through it. Thankfully, Keyleth is able to open the portal in time before Vorugal can freeze everyone to death.

Upon arriving in Whitestone, Percy’s sister Cassandra takes in the refugees after a quick explanation. Grog is met with a death glare from an angry little girl with bold green eyes. Keeper Yenner suggests that the group seek help in Vasselheim, but Scanlan argues that doing so would only result in more deaths. On the rooftop of Whitestone Castle, Vox Machina reflects on the beauty of the city and the role they played in its liberation from the Briarwoods. Vex reminds them that the people saved the city because they had someone to stand up and fight for them. Encouraged by their influence on the people of Whitestone, Scanlan agrees to go to Vasselheim.

Back in the ruins of Emon, Vorugal warns Thordak of a group that escaped using magic. Umbrasyl, however, is more focused on conquering Westruun for its gold. Thordak instructs him to seize Westruun, and then go after the group that escaped.

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