Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: Skip This Ad…olescence

Lunella invents an app that allows her to skip the boring parts of life.

Many of us want to skip past the mundane moments of our lives, like doing chores or sitting through class. But in “Skip This Ad…olescence,” Lunella is forced to consider what she would be willing to sacrifice in the process.

Lunella wakes up to the sound of Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us.” It’s Lafayette Family Cleaning Day, and she knows she’s in for a long day. To add to her annoyance, her family is cleaning their skating rink, Roll With It, for the upcoming 70s Disco Night Father-Daughter Dance competition.

Lunella confides in Devil Dinosaur her desire to skip the boring parts in her life. This inspires her to design Skipster—an app that puts Lunella’s brain on autopilot, allowing her to skip past the boring moments. Skipster has automatic updates, an A.I. to promote self-learning, and it can replicate the voice of Dr. Mae Jamison. Oh, and it can potentially tear a hole in the space-time continuum. Lunella loves Skipster, though Casey warns that it could cause problems over time.

Casey is proven right when Lunella fights Garko the Man-Frog. She skips through his monologue, only to realize she may have missed how to defeat him because that’s what villainous monologues are for. While spending time with her family, Lunella struggles to understand the in-jokes and memories she missed out on because she used Skipster.

After talking to Casey, Lunella decides to stop using Skipster. Unfortunately, the app’s auto-update feature allows it to activate itself based on previous skips. And it can’t be deleted because Lunella never seems to think these things through. It slowly begins to ruin her life, eventually causing her to miss 70s Disco Night with her father.

Finally fed up with Skipster, Lunella hacks into her phone’s code to stop the app once and for all. The app transports Lunella through different periods in her life—including future events that haven’t happened yet, like her 16th birthday. All the while, Lunella pleads with Skipster to stop, insisting she’s more appreciative of the little things in life. Thankfully, Skipster allows Lunella to travel back to the point before she built the app.

Lunella wakes up to her father declaring it is cleaning day, and the episode ends with Lunella embracing her father, the mundane moments of life, and the hints of her future.

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