Moving on….Part 2

If you live long enough there comes a time in your life where you have to move on from the old to move on with the new things, people, projects, etc. that are a apart of life. It is how we evolve. When you go to school you start in elementary, move on the middle school, move on to high school and if you’re fortunate move on to college. In each step someone gets left behind, the things you once did are left behind…new things and people takes their place. One could say that is a sign of moving forward as one sign of being stuck in a rut is doing the same thing over a period of time (how long can you stay in high school and what do you think of people in college for 6yrs – without a degree?).

How do you know it is time to move on? You’d be surprised how many students are excited about getting out of high school but afraid of the new life ahead of them. Tons of additional responsibilities but so much potential for their new life. Another example is someone getting out of jail…praying to get out and when the day comes, fear of what is to come overwhelms them. How do you know it’s the right time to move on, that you won’t fail…that everything will be ok?

You don’t….usually.

Have you been excited about something new, leap in with both feet and it ends in disaster? Have you ever dreaded something with every ounce of your being and it ended up being better than you ever imagined? Very few things in life are guaranteed.

I’ve “moved on” many times in my life over many things. One of the hardest for me was accepting, while in endless labor, that I was going to be a single parent. I thought that would be the hardest but then I was faced with the situation of having to turn my life inside out in order to get well. That was tough. I’m past it now and I’m fortunate to be healthier now than when it happened…but I also realize I’m at the “move on” stage.

I’m free to move now, leaving all the people I’ve known for years behind as I make new friends. I’m making career changes, leaving behind web 2.0/internet talk for gaming (for my personal sites). I’m making people changes as I realize the move and change in focus will change “me” and the people I surround myself with. A true clean slate but is now the right time to make those changes or is three months from now better? Did I miss my window of opportunity?

Usually when I move on, I try to make sure I’m making the right decision and not acting impulsively. I’ll do it “big” in a selfless manner and if I get bitch-slapped in return…it’s time to move on. I view it as a sign from God/fate/destiny it’s okay to proceed. As an example, when I got to the “this isn’t working” stage with all my ex’s I did something really really nice then waited for their reaction. Inevitably, I ended up thinking “why the fuck am I here again?” and that was my “sign” it was time to move on. Professionally, with one of my ex-bosses I did something without being asked, not even in my job description, just to be nice (I didn’t ask for anything in return). His response? Impressed but…since I could do it, quicker than the person that normally does it, why don’t I do it all the time, along with everything else, without an increase in pay? Time to quit.

Moving on is a natural part of life that can be postponed but can’t be avoided. It’s a part of maturing.

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