iKON – I’m OK

I’m learning that it’s okay to like iKON. All while listening to their latest track “I’m OK”

iKON’s music tends to be hit or miss with me. I absolutely loved “My Type” but some of their later releases didn’t connect with me (“Bling Bling” was fun though).

It wasn’t until I saw iKON perform “Love Scenario” for this year’s Golden Disk Awards that I realized the real problem. Their discography isn’t the issue. The real problem was that I didn’t want to like iKON because I don’t trust their label YG Entertainment. To say that YG is messy is an understatement (how he handled 2NE1’s disbandment and the mess surrounding MIXNINE are perfect examples of this).

He’s also not good at managing multiple artists at the same time. There are about fourteen artists that are currently signed to YG Entertainment, excluding soloists and sub-units from established groups. Only three are active — iKON, WINNER, and BLACKPINK. In 2018, iKON had released one full-length album, two mini albums and a single. WINNER released one full length album and a single. BLACKPINK released a 4-song EP.

Putting all of that aside, when I heard that iKON had released a new song, I decided to check it out.

“I’m OK” is the lead single off their first repackage album The New Kids, released on January 7th. The album is a compilation of singles that were released as a part of their New Kids series that began with their 2017 single album New Kids: Begin.

“I’m OK” is actually pretty good. It’s an emotional hip-hop ballad about how someone feels even sadder when asked if they are okay. Members B.I. and Bobby helped write and compose the song.

Anyways, when it comes to iKON or any artist that is signed to YG, I’ve decided to just enjoy the music whenever it gets released and do a lot of praying.

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