Park Hyunjin and Achillo Release New Song “Bucket List”

The 14 year old “rap geniuses” are back with new music.

14 year old rapper trainees Park Hyunjin and Achillo made their comeback recently with their new song “Bucket List”.

Park Hyunjin and Achillo are both signed to Starship Entertainment and this is the first time the two have worked together since participating in OG School Project. OG School Project is a joint project group between Starship and Cube Entertainment that also included Show Me the Money 6 contestant Jo Woo Chan. The group debuted back in January with the song “OGZ”.

“Bucket List” was produced by Dress and is a fun, infectious urban-pop song where the two teens rap about all the things they hope to accomplish. They made a live music video for the song live for Dingo Freestyle, which even features a cameo by American singer-songwriter Marteen Estevez.


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