EXO Fight for Their Lives in Edgy “Monster” Teaser

EXO preview a darker concept with “Monster” teasers.

EXO is building hype for their latest comeback! The teaser for the Korean version of “Monster” was released yesterday (June 5) and the one for the Chinese version came out today (June 6).

Originally, I had decided to skip the teasers and wait until the videos dropped, but my curiosity got the better of me. “Monster” has a dark, edgy sound to it and the teasers reflects that. Scenes switch between EXO going up against masked men wielding batons and attending a chaotic dinner party. It’s completely different from the “Lucky One” teaser, which showed the boys trying to escape from some kind of laboratory. I can’t wait to see how the the two videos are connected.



Anyone else noticed that in the “Monster” teaser, they showed a close-up of three
dinner plates being smashed? I can’t be the only one who saw that and immediately thought of these guys.


“Monster” and “Lucky One” will serve as the double title tracks for EXO’s third full-length album EX’ACT. The album will be released midnight June 9 KST.

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