Smite – Neith vs. Ra (Jousting)

Only one opponent to play against. The fail in this is that it makes it hard for new players to determine their play style before they enter a match with other players.

This is the next part of the tutorial. There was only one opponent to pick from, which is does not give a new player much practice. However, all the gods are available for the player to test out without having to wait for the god you’d like to play to be free on rotation (you’ll just be playing against Ra each time). That is VERY good. I had fun.

It is baffling why games do not have a more thorough training area for games where players play against each other. Forcing players to get into teams, before they are ready, makes the game experience miserable and frustrating for everyone. Yes, it requires game development time but it is well worth it.

I hope the developers have plans to add more opponents. As you can see from my experience, the gods have very different play styles (which is great). However, attempting to learn an opponent’s abilities in the middle of a battle isn’t the optimal way to do it. I do not think people should spend forever in bot games but players might embrace the game more if they had an idea what a god can do before entering a battle. Reading it and experiencing it are two different things.


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