Smite – 1st REAL Arena with Neith

Knowing what ability a god has before entering an arena would be nice. Except game mechanics can interfere in the learning process. Why make things more difficult?

I changed my mind and went straight into an arena. Remember when I said, in a previous video, that it would be good to know what abilities the gods had before entering a battle? This video shows exactly what I meant by that.

MOBAs require teamwork and that begins when you are picking the god you want to play. A good team works together to ensure all aspects are covered. For example, when doing a dungeon in World of Warcraft you would not want to enter a dungeon without a tank and a healer unless you’ve out-leveled the dungeon. In this battle, we were a bunch of noobs picking gods and we had no idea if they worked well together let alone were good enough to defend against the opponents.

Let me be clear: this happens in most MOBAs because Dota 2 is the only one giving the player enough tools to learn before entering a battle. I wonder how many new players have a game like this…and never come back.

And yes, Neith threw a tantrum. 🙁

Hi-Rez Studios released a God Pack for Smite. You will receive all the current and future gods when they launch automatically for a one-time payment of $29.99. I purchased this and it is very nice to not have to worry about obtaining the new gods.

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