Make your content easy to share

I did a little experiment this morning. I uploaded a 40 second video of Mylixia dancing to Michael Jackson’s Bad to Facebook. It was a post to encourage people interested in League of Legends to check out his teaching stream. It was deleted – copyrighted content. I could appeal under fair use but it proves […]

Riot Games, delays and their growth

I just started playing League of Legends, a game I wanted to play for awhile and I enjoy watching others play. I avoided it because the community is known to be very toxic and I do not have the patience for that type of immature behavior. In the end, it is a game. Rage at […]

League of Legends Season 3 Week 27 Champion Rotation

The League of Legends champions for this week. At first glance, Caitlyn and Garen stand out as champions I want to try, focusing more on Caitlyn since she is ranged. Taric is one I would like to try because he reminds me of a paladin, able to heal and support others yet damage well with […]