Jhin: The Art of Murder (Lore)

Jhin becomes a deadly weapon for shadowy elements, embarking on a killing spree. He views murder as an art form.

Short Story (TL;DR): Jhin is a meticulous and psychopathic assassin in League of Legends lore, freed from Ionian prison to serve shadowy elements within the ruling council. After a killing spree pursued by Master Kusho, Usan, and Shen, he was revealed as “Khada Jhin” and imprisoned in Tuula monastery. Released during the Noxian invasion, he became a weapon for various factions. After the war with Noxus, he sent a messenger to Zed, leading to a deadly encounter. Jhin, aged around 38 to 39, is a skilled assassin roaming freely and causing terror, bound only by his patrons.

Early Life

Jhin likely spent most of his early life in the Ionian province of Zhyun, with limited information about his family, except for his father’s martial arts school, which was overshadowed by the success of Wuju.

Rampage and Pursuit

Jhin embarked on a killing spree in his late teens to early twenties, primarily using knives. Pursued by Master Kusho, Usan, and Shen, the trio chased him for over four years. In the final stages of their investigation, they discovered Jhin’s dual identity as “Khada Jhin,” a stagehand working in Zhyun’s traveling theater and opera houses. His real name remains a mystery.

Confrontation at Jyom Pass

In a climactic confrontation, Jhin captures Zed, a young acolyte, near the Ghajan river. He taunts Zed about an impending tragedy involving Yevnai, a woman with connections to Shen and Usan. Zed pleads for Yevnai’s safety. Shen pins Jhin’s neck to the wall. Just as Zed was about to kill Jhin, Master Kusho intervenes, saving Jhin’s life and leading to Jhin’s imprisonment in the Tuula monastery.

Imprisonment and Release

After Jhin’s capture, he was sentenced to life in the Tuula monastery prison. Despite excelling in various subjects, Jhin’s morbid fascinations persisted. During the Noxian invasion and Ionia’s instability, his patrons funded his release to terrorize Ionian citizens into action.

Post-Tuula Actions

Now freely roaming and bound only by his patrons, Jhin worked with the Kashuri Armories, Navori Brotherhood, Noxus, and Zaun. Described as both an assassin and an instrument of terror, he was unleashed after the war with Noxus.

Meeting with Zed

Jhin, aged around 38 to 39, sent a messenger to Zed after his release. The messenger delivered a message about a “rich man” wanting to meet Zed in a village north of the Thonx outskirts and a blade attuned to his spirit as a thank-you gift. Jhin killed four people before the Order of Shadow arrived, marking a significant event in his timeline.

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