The “ex” dilemma

This weekend has been spectacular and I am in such a good mood. One of my good friend’s mother had her son this weekend. I was there and I got to cut the cord because her son stayed safely at the head of the bed. We had a scare but both Mom and baby son are okay. So I’m coasting on joy right now. That’s not what I want to talk about. I want to know why a date would bring up “the ex” on the first date?

I went out on a date this weekend with a very handsome, sweet gentlemen. Nice restaurant. Everything was going fine. When he first asked about Roger I didn’t think anything of it. The second time, again, it didn’t bother me. After that, I began to wonder why would he care? Why do people focus so much on the ex? If the relationship worked the couple would still be together, right? I’m not one to be intimidated by the ex. If I am intimidated then there’s something wrong. I think knowing the history is a good thing, but to be intimidated by the ex? No, not my thing.

I wanted to get to know the guy but alas, instead he wanted to talk about my ex. So I answered his questions and I guess he felt guilty because he wanted to know if I wanted to know about his ex’s. I politely said not right now. I’ll be damned if he didn’t start up on Roger again. And only Roger. If I was going to focus on an ex, Roger would not be the one.

Thankfully I got a call saying my friend’s mother went into labor. I think I’m going to call him tonight and ask him why he’s so obsessed about my ex. I don’t understand. Are you guys threatened by the ex?

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