Therapy in a Box (Tarot & Oracle Cards)

I refer to my tarot and oracle decks as “Therapy in a Box” because I have found them to be effective in helping me gently heal from painful experiences.

As part of my healing and personal growth journey, I have started pulling tarot or oracle cards daily to guide me in areas where I need to reflect and work on myself. Today, I asked: “What can I work on to strengthen my personal growth?” I pulled the following cards and this is how I interpreted them.

Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid

60 Swan: Time for a deep dive
28 Frog: Clear out the clutter
53 Seahorse: Watch & wait

It’s important to look deep within to understand what brings me joy, what causes me pain, and what brings me peace. I should give those things a higher priority and remove anything that does not resonate with me. I recently learned that my father was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) while he was married to my mother. With the help of therapy, my children and I are working through the impact his personality disorder had on our lives. I want them to be aware of the signs of someone having a Cluster B personality disorder, so they can make informed decisions about how to interact with or avoid people with these disorders. I want them to have strong boundaries, so they know when someone is toxic to them.

Wasting energy on things and people that do not resonate with me slows my progress in doing things and being around people that bring me happiness. This is why it is important to have the strength to set strong boundaries. Strong boundaries won’t stop people from being abusive, but they can help me recognize when someone in my life is toxic, so I can remove them from my life. This is an area where I need to improve, and I’ve been working hard on it. Through therapy, I have realized that my father trampled on my boundaries at a very young age.

The steps I take to make myself happy today are the seeds that will grow and bring rewards in the future. It’s important to be patient, as success will come as I work towards it. When I look back at myself two years ago, the change is huge. Small steps add up over time.

I highly recommend using oracle and tarot decks as a method of self-healing. While someone else may pull the same cards, the interpretation of those cards depends on the person pulling them. For me, I use them to explore areas where I know I need to work on myself. As a result, I have found myself to be more peaceful and happy than I have been in years.

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