Chopped N Skrewed

I came across a song in a weird way yesterday. It’s called Chopped N Skrewed by T-Pain. It’s my new favorite (hope he sings it at his concert next Thursday!). It’s about being screwed over. Here is a piece of the lyric:

Have you ever been in the VIP room
Of your favorite street club (club-club)
And you got a shawty on you
Kissing on your neck
Making you feel like she so in love (love-love)
Now you done grabbed you a couple a drinks
And you feeling like it’s about time to cuddle up (up-up)
And you said shawty what’s really up
And she takes big sip out yo cup
And she said it’ll be 60 bucks

In a situation like that it is obvious you’ve been played. Common reaction is “Ah, hell naw, WTF?” or something like that. Most wouldn’t put up with it or if they do they don’t mind shelling out $60 for um, yeah…..

Listening to the song it dawned on me how many people get “chopped and screwed” and put up with it. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Boss says you are going to get a raise but you never get it.
  • Guy/girl says he/she is going to change but never do.
  • No matter how many times you tell your friend you hate it when he/she is late, they consistently show up late.
  • Guy/girl says he/she is going to call. Never does.
  • Even though you are on time for your appointment X always makes you late, putting someone ahead of you.
  • Company makes a phone cheap but the plan to use the phone makes it the most expensive on the market.
  • Take your car in to have something minor done and the mechanic miraculously finds 7 other things that needs to be fixed – that really don’t.
  • Guy/girl makes it seem like he/she isn’t seeing anyone but he/she is having sex with 5 other people regularly (or worse one girl so she thinks she’s The One).
  • Facebook closes your account without a valid reason.
  • Company quotes a price and the price changes without extra work added to the job/project/product.

I could do this all day. There are millions of examples where we get screwed and we take it. Or worse, we invite it to happen again. How many times have you seen someone’s account closed on Facebook, You Tube, MySpace, etc. and the person CREATES ANOTHER ONE, like they can’t live without it? It’s laughable. “You Tube closed my account, all my videos and ratings are gone. I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s why I re-created this account…”. If a guy/girl says he/she is going to call, yet doesn’t, why bend over backwards when he/she has nothing else better to do and decides to call you?

We all have different tolerance levels on the bullshit we’ll take. I’ve taken my fair share. For example when I order something snail mail and when I receive it, the product isn’t what I ordered. Depending on the cost and effort it takes to correct the problem I might fix it or let it slide. Another person will refuse to pay for something and not receive what he/she paid for and will fight it, even if the product was $1.00. I’m cool with that.

But there are levels when you get screwed where the only response is “I’m not taking it anymore”. Maybe you have to wait a minute while things are in place before saying “I’m not taking it anymore” (getting another job before you quit the one you have) but saying “I’m not taking it anymore” is the only “right” choice. An example, if you keep getting passed up for a job you deserve or don’t receive a raise there is something wrong to let the pattern continue. It’s not healthy.

That’s the difference. When you are getting “chopped and screwed” in a manner that is unhealthy (repetitively) – get out. If it is something simple like a guy/girl playing you in the club, take the response from the song:

You-You must of flipped yo wig (yup)
You got to be out yo mind (ey)
I chop ch-chop You screw-You Screw
You out of yo-out of yo spine (woo)
Back breaker
Put you over my knees
Put you on punishment
Women and I’ll spank ya (baaa)
Have you praising the lord
Like thank you-thank you
Thank you lord I want to thank you (Jesus)

Say it with feeling yo!

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