Truth is beautiful but so are lies

It is Friday…I thought I’d do something fun and light. It’s the beginning of the weekend! So let’s do this….a simple question: If you were shown a picture of a baby that you thought was average or even ugly, would the words “Oh, isn’t he/she cute?” come out of your mouth instead?

It’s ok, it seems that is what most people do.

What I find interesting about this is the control picture. The child’s picture was altered to look “ugly” and still everyone said the baby was cute. What interests me about this was there are numerous dodge phrases to use. Trust me there are, I use them.

  • Oh isn’t he precious!
  • You are so blessed to have this little bundle of joy…look at her!
  • Your child reminds me of when my children were small.

Where there is a will there is a way. I can’t recall the parent asking me, when I didn’t say the child was cute, if their child was cute. Perhaps I need to come up with a phrase for that.

In an effort to spare someone pain (even strangers it seems) we tell those white lies in an act of kindness. Being generous here, there are times when telling those white lies are “okay” but there are times when a person prefers the truth. Don’t do what is easier for you (lie), tell them the truth.

A time like that is coming up for me. As I go through sites I have to be honest and objective. And unfortunately I’m the one that tells writers their blog didn’t make it. When time permits I try to tell them why (if they ask) because I think it is important to know the “why” and talk about it. For many who submit their site, the feedback I gave them was the first objective criticism received. Even though it is tough I end up being glad I told the truth as I saw it.

That doesn’t mean you should tell someone their baby is ugly. You might get your butt whooped. Or if your girlfriend asks if those jeans makes her butt look big. Personally I’d say, “Yes, and you know this…why are you asking me?” and be in the doghouse but I can sympathize with the boyfriend that says, “No honey…”.

What I’m saying is that there is a time and a place for white lies (church seems to be one of them) and there is definitely a time to be mature and tell the truth.

Know the difference. Act accordingly.

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