TalkTyme: Transitions

What do you do when you get tired of blogging? Very good question. After writing for so many years on so many topics, I can honestly say there have been times where I dreaded writing. I was bored out of my mind being niched into writing about one topic. That is not the reason why my writing has been lax lately. Quite the opposite actually.

I think of many things I would like to write, things I used to write about, but when I think of the possible consequences of writing my opinion on something, it sucks the life out of the passion behind the article. You know simple things like:

  1. Confidence is good. Cocky arrogance because one’s ego has gone out of control is bad.
  2. How can you make an informed (good) decision without all the facts?
  3. Don’t write when you’re emotional.
  4. Think of the consequences of what you’re writing.
  5. Take responsibility for what you do.
  6. Some things are better left private.
  7. If you don’t have a thick skin, why are you writing publicly?
  8. Maturity doesn’t mean stop having fun, it means making the right decisions so you can have more fun without the headaches (drama).
  9. If you aren’t proud of what you’re doing, don’t do it.

Simple stuff. Common sense stuff. Unfortunately, too many writers/bloggers (and this applies to businesses as well) prefer to do foolish things then expect people not to talk about it and worse, expect total strangers to forgive their mistakes. People spend more time deciding what they want to order for lunch than thinking about the consequences of the things they write for the entire world to see.

The truth: having been through what I went through last year, I’m not the same. I changed. That inner person always lurking inside me had the chance to spread her wings and fly…and I like it. I look around this site (can one do that?) and I know what my “readers” expect but I’m not that person anymore.

I have a voice and over the years I’ve helped and inspired a lot of people (ok, I’ve angered some too). One of the beauties of the internet is the ability to have a voice. Since technically this is my “job”, I think I should do what I enjoy because that makes the rough times (ie. people not agreeing with you, criticizing you and twisting your words in ways that are so creative it deserves an award) easier. I’ve learned a lot, shared my knowledge and the fun part, I have the opportunity to interact with people – new people, everyday. I have to accept responsibility that I am the one choking my voice. I am the one that remains silent when I really want to write.

The question: is Not Too Geeky the space to continue writing?

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