Unraveling Albrecht Entrati’s Void Venture: Orokin History (Lore)

Albrecht Entrati
Albrecht Entrati ventures into the Void, and encounters a mirrored version of himself.

Summary (TL;DR)

Albrecht, an Orokin during the Orokin Era, explores alternate dimensions to advance his civilization. After a risky venture into the Void, he encounters a mirrored version of himself. Despite losing his voice and sight, Albrecht contributes to Orokin technologies and void studies. His mysterious disappearance leads to speculation about his fate, with a presumed presence in Duviri. The denizens of Duviri construct an empty grave for him, leaving the mystery of Albrecht’s fate unanswered.

Who Is Albert Entrati?

Albrecht Entrati was born in the Orokin Era, a time predating the Orokin Empire’s expansion beyond the Origin System. His family includes a daughter, Eularia, and a kavat named Kalymos. Albrecht dedicates much time attempting to demonstrate the practicality of an alternate dimension, believing it holds the key to advancing his civilization to the stars.

As years pass without conclusive proof, the other Orokin lose interest, deeming Albrecht’s pursuit a dead end. Determined to prove them wrong, Albrecht volunteers to traverse the “wall between worlds” using a Seriglass Bell as protection. As the Wall of Lohk activates, space and time ripple, and Albrecht finds himself in the Void after the bell is sliced in half.

In the Void, Albrecht encounters a mirrored version of himself, surrounded by a surreal landscape. Overwhelmed, he hears his “twin” call him “Little Bengel”, a nickname his mother called him centuries ago, and experiences a mix of euphoria and fear. Back in his laboratory, he communicates with his daughter writing a message with the blood from his injuries, urging her to close the wall. When she closed the connection, the Void entity’s fingers were severed in the process.

The severed fingers become a basis for Orokin technologies, including Reliquary Drives and the Zariman 10-0. Albrecht decides to avoid Continuity, fearing the escaped entity might be the true Albrecht.

Albrecht discovers Requiem Words, creates Cosmic Clocks, and constructs the Heart atop the Void gate. Despite losing his sight and voice, he continues to study the Void, publishing works with his daughter. The Zariman becomes the first school offering public access to Albrecht’s research.

Portraits and statues of Albrecht adorn the Zariman. He mysteriously disappears, prompting his daughter’s search. Albrecht is presumed to be in Duviri, constructing a laboratory on Scholar’s Landing. He foresees the need for Duviri in the future and vanishes along with the island.

Duviri residents construct an empty grave for Albrecht in a cave near Fort Wyrmsoul, suggesting they haven’t forgotten him. The mystery of Albrecht’s fate, whether dead or vanished, remains unanswered.

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