Andor Premieres with Gritty Backstory and Dark Adventures S1E1

Cassian Andor returns to his home world and sets off a chain of events, causing a potential investigation that could spell trouble for him.

Short Version (TL;DR): In the series premiere of Andor, Cassian Andor visits the dystopian planet of Morlana One, and is confronted by two Corpos officers. Accidentally killing one of them, he seeks an alibi on his home world, Ferrix. Cassian turns to his friend Bix Caleen for help in selling an Imperial weapon he stole. Unfortunately, Bix’s lover Timm Karlo becomes suspicious of her thanks to Cassian’s reappearance. Deputy Inspector Syril Karn investigates the murders behind Chief Inspector Hyne’s back, leading to potential trouble for Cassian.

Unforeseen Confrontations

The first episode introduces viewers to the dystopian planet of Morlana One, marked by its cool sci-fi inspired brothel (Wait, in a Disney series? What universe is this?). Cassian arrives there in search of his sister, who hails from Kenari, but unfortunately, he fails to find any leads. Things take an unexpected turn when he becomes the target of two bullies — or rather, corporate security officers known as “Corpos,” who attempt to steal his credits. A confrontation ensues, leading to Cassian accidentally killing one officer. The remaining Corpo offers to cover up the murder, but Cassian chooses to kill him instead.

Seeking an Alibi

Upon returning to his home world, Ferrix, Cassian is greeted by his adorable droid, B2EMO AKA Bee-Two or Bee (voiced by Dave Chapman), who brings him the requested bandages. Curious if anyone came searching for him, Cassian asks Bee to lie on his behalf. However, Bee, being an older model, lacks the capability to deceive due to limited processing power. As a result, Cassian decides to visit the person who was looking for him and seeks their help as an alibi. The person agrees, but sets conditions for Cassian to clean up his act and find a job.

Later on, Cassian makes a stop at the garage run by his friend and former lover, Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona). She works as a fence on the side — a person who finds buyers for stolen goods. Cassian asks her to make arrangements with someone he can sell an Imperial weapon to and suspects that she might be involved with one of the garage workers, Timm Karlo (James McArdle). Cassian questions Bix about whether Timm is aware of her work as a fence, to which she denies.

Timm begins to grow suspicious of Bix when she lies about having to run errands. He tries to follow her but loses her in the crowded street. Bix heads into a secret room inside a hotel, presumably to get in touch with the person Cassian wants to sell the Imperial weapon to.

Secrets and a Rebellious Corpos Officer

Back on Morlana One, Deputy Inspector Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) presents his report on the murdered officers to Chief Inspector Hyne (Rupert Vansittart). While Syril wants to bring the culprit to justice, Chief Hyne opts to conceal the incident. “I suspect they died rushing to aid someone in distress,” Hyne suggests for a cover-up story. “Nothing too heroic, we don’t need a parade.” Hyne wants to bury the incident since those officers weren’t allowed to drink liquor on the job, in a brothel that isn’t supposed to exist. This decision, however, doesn’t sit well with Syril, who decides to launch his investigation into the killings.

He learns that a ship with no credentials flew in on the night of the murders, and the suspect was inquiring about a woman from Kenari. Confident that he’s on the right track, Syril instructs his team to issue a bulletin for Kenari human males on Ferrix.

The first three episodes of Andor are available for streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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