Are you good or do you really suck?

Who we want to be and who we really are can greatly differ at times. Understanding your the positive and negative traits in your personality will help you succeed in life. If you can be honest about them…

In the course of our lives we will cross paths with all types of people. The internet gives us the opportunity to meet new people all the time. Some are good, some are bad. Some are sane, some are nuts. Some are clingy, some are independent. Some are meant to have principal roles in our lives, most aren’t. Sometimes we put on the air we’re better than we are, sometimes we down play our true assets. You can’t achieve success if you have the “wrong” people in your life and you can’t maintain success without the right frame of mind.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative

I was reading a blog entry about World of Warcraft and it summed up a point very nicely (it applies to everything). In the scenario of the following damage output stats in a 5-man instance:

Rogue = 2100
Warlock = 1900
Hunter = 1700
Prot Warrior = 900
Holy Paladin = 25

Which one was the best player? The average answer is the Rogue because the Rogue did the most damage. Unfortunately, that’s the narrow-minded and inaccurate way of looking at things:

But what if I told you the rogue stole aggro on half the pulls, refused to sap the correct target, and rolled need on every boss drop? And what if I told you that the hunter consistently trapped mobs that got loose and ran toward the healer, never Multi-Shot mobs that were CC’d or minding their own business, and offered a feast every time someone died?

I’ll tell you right now, as a tank and someone who often puts together and leads instance runs, I’d take the hunter anytime they wanted to run, and I’d add the rogue to my NotesUNeed list under “Avoid.”

Even though the Rogue did the most damage the Hunter brought more value to the group.

Applying This Online…

With online interactions, for example blogging, which person are you? Are you the one that comes in last and not making a good effort? Are you the pain in the ass that does good work but takes advantage of people and situations? Or are you the Hunter that sees what needs to be done and does it efficiently and effectively.

In your business interactions are you the person that claims you have a particular set of skills when in truth you don’t (the Rogue)? Are you the person that is knowledgeable in your field and can accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish (the Hunter)?

In the End…

You can pretend to be one thing but the truth will come out on who you really are. The Rogue isn’t as good as the Hunter and that will not change until the Rogue realizes their “bad” behavior and stops doing it consistently.

Which person are you…really?

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