BTS’ J-Hope Releases His First Mixtape “Hope World”

J-Hope is off to a pretty good start with “Hope World” and the title track “Daydream”.

BTS’ J-Hope released his first mixtape “Hope World” and the music video for it’s title track “Daydream” March 2.

To be completely honest, I had low expectations for Hope World because I kept seeing J-Hope stans on Twitter threatening other fans to support his mixtape when it dropped, which implies they were afraid it wouldn’t do well. But I was pleasantly surprised by “Daydream”. It took some time for the song to grow on me, but it has a laid-back, chill vibe that suits J-Hope well and I really like the deep house and trip hop influences he used in the track.

“Hope World” is more of a grower than an instant bop, with the second half of the mixtape being a little underwhelming. But this is J-Hope’s first mixtape, so it’s not supposed to be a flawless masterpiece. But “Hope World” is pretty good and shows there’s a lot of potential in J-Hope as a soloist.


You can download “Hope World” for free on Mediafire, Dropbox and Google Drive and you can also stream it on Soundcloud. Or if you want, you can buy it on iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify.

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