Watch: The music video for BTS ‘ON’ is here and it’s oof!

BTS triumphs in gorgeous music video for “ON”.

The official music video for BTS’ “ON” is here and it’s early. It premiered on YouTube at 10am EST on Feb. 27 (12am KST Feb. 28) instead of tomorrow at 4am EST as originally expected.

The MV is basically a medieval, post-apocalyptic short film filled with references ranging from Noah’s Ark and The Crown of Thorns from the Bible, to Maze Runner, Attack on Titan, The Hunger Games, Bird Box, and The Lion King (and these were the ones I picked up on). 

The over-arching theme of the MV seems to be overcoming oppression — escaping whatever is holding you down and coming out on the other side. BTS has struggled and experienced pain during the seven years they’ve been together and nearly disbanded a couple of years ago. But they pulled through, and now they’re forging their own path and doing things their way. Beautiful, isn’t it?

“ON” is the lead single off BTS’ fourth album, Map of the Soul: 7, which is out now.