Change, is good.

When you look at someone’s art and you realize, although your morals and ethics haven’t changed, your perspective on things DID change.

I saw the left side of the above image over the holidays and I loved it but something bothered me about it. While it describes my attitude almost perfectly, it has a date on it. I want that attitude to be forever. More importantly, I was curious who made it. Google images for the win because I found the artist and I love Peniel Enchill’s art! Looking at the the original, I see it was made for 2014-2015, so I removed the date on the steps. When I saw the image she posted for 2016, it’s like her art speaks to me. The woman in the image even has waist long twists (like me)!

In that moment, I understood what some people have told me about my content. How they connect to me and I deeply regretted how much I’ve become reclusive.

I am genuinely sorry.

It’s ironic: I am surrounded by people who make no bones about doing “them”, getting what they want, yet I am one to please everyone else before myself. While I enjoy seeing the people in my life happy, I no longer feel peace when it comes to sacrificing myself (when I do not feel it is worth it). Because, quite simply, everyone isn’t worth it. While being selfish is not my nature, being over-selfless isn’t healthy.

I’m learning so much about myself, after permanently detaching myself from things that were draining me. While my ethics and morals have not changed, I have changed. The things I want, the lessons I’ve learned…it’s changed me. I feel like I’m learning how to find my voice again, without walking on eggshells. Almost as if I was blind and I’m slowly regaining my vision. I can do what I want to do. The only thing restricting me is me. About time I started following my own advice, isn’t it? Yeah….it’s AboutTyme.

Gotta go…I have videos to edit!



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