Eclipse of Betrayal: A Vampire’s Redemption ~ Astarion’s Tale (Lore)

Astarion navigates a complex narrative involving his dark past, a mind flayer’s influence, and pivotal choices that determine his destiny.

Short Story (TL;DR): Astarion, a high elf rogue turned vampire spawn, endured centuries of cruelty under vampire lord Cazador. After a twist of fate involving mind flayers and a modified tadpole, Astarion sought to control his destiny, discovering Cazador’s dark plot. Faced with pivotal choices, including ascension and the fate of vampire spawns, Astarion’s decisions shape his destiny. The player’s choices influence Astarion’s path, leading to either a powerful but malevolent existence or a benevolent one, with implications for relationships and the unfolding narrative.

Astarion’s Dark Past

Astarion, a high elf rogue turned vampire spawn, endured almost two centuries of cruelty under the vampire lord Cazador Szarr. Bound by an infernal contract with the archdevil Mephistopheles, Astarion was forced to serve his sadistic master, luring victims, enduring torture, and following Cazador’s every command.

A Twist of Fate in 1492 DR

In 1492 DR, Astarion’s fate took a turn when he was abducted by a mind flayer ship. Infected with a modified tadpole, he gained new powers and shed his vampire weaknesses. Escaping the ship’s crash, he joined a group of adventurers, each harboring the same tadpole in their brains. One of the adventurer, Shadowheart, has an artifact that stopped them from turning into mind flayers. Astarion, once isolated for centuries, found himself curious about the world and its pleasures.

Striving for Freedom

With newfound freedom from Cazador, Astarion sought to control the tadpole for his advantage, determined not to succumb to the fate of becoming a mind flayer. His charming, witty, and eloquent demeanor masked a cynical and manipulative nature, a result of years of abuse and betrayal. Slow to trust, he nonetheless could form genuine bonds with companions who shared his interests or showed him compassion.

Unraveling the Dark Plot

Eventually, Astarion discovered arcane runes carved into his back by Cazador, forming part of an infernal contract with Mephistopheles. This contract allowed Cazador to perform a Rite of Profane Ascension, aiming to transform into a demilich. Cazador told him he carved a poem on his back, and made revisions on his flesh, making it a very painful experience. Astarion, frustrated and angry at being deceived, learned that Cazador needed 7000 vampire spawns, including Astarion and his siblings, for the ascension.

Pivotal Choices and Destiny

Astarion faces pivotal choices that would determine his destiny:

 Ascension Path

  • If Astarion ascends, he gains powerful abilities but turns evil, becoming more cruel and power-hungry. The cycle of darkness continues.
  • If he opts not to ascend, he kills Cazador, turning benevolent and grateful for the chance at freedom, though he can no longer walk in the sun.

Fate of Vampire Spawns

  • If freed, they go to the Underdark, cared for by Astarion’s siblings, making Ulma mad.
  • If killed, Astarion’s siblings are angry, but Ulma can be convinced it was the right thing to do.

Interrupting the Ritual

  • The player can kill Cazador before the ritual completes, resulting in Astarion’s fury and a deadly confrontation.

Denying the Ritual

  • If Astarion’s request to do the ritual is denied, he kills Cazador but no longer travels with the player. If Astarion’s request to do the ritual is denied, he kills Cazador but no longer travels with the player.

Romantic Paths

  • If Astarion turns evil, he becomes condescending and possessive in the relationship.
  • If he turns good, he is more loving and selfless, offering an exit if the sunless existence becomes too much for his lover.
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