Enhancing the Warframe Experience: Please Introduce Quest Boosts for Players

Introducing “Quest Boosts” in Warframe would enhance the gaming experience by offering options, rebranding the concept, minimizing grind, and catering to mobile players.

Short Story (TL;DR): In the world of Warframe, introducing “Quest Boosts” can improve the gaming experience for both new and returning players. To achieve this, rebrand the concept from “Pay-to-Skip,” decouple quests from excessive grind, provide a cinematic experience, and analyze player data for future improvements. Embracing Quest Boosts is particularly crucial with Warframe’s expansion to mobile platforms, ensuring accessibility and alignment with mobile gaming trends. In essence, offering players options rather than rigid control benefits both the company and the players, making the Warframe experience more enjoyable.

The Dilemma

Imagine this scenario: You’re a new or returning player in the vast universe of Warframe, eager to dive into the action. But there’s a catch—you’re met with a series of quests with a lengthy grind attached to each one, blocking your path to new content and progression. It’s a common experience for many players in the Warframe community. In this article, we explore the compelling reasons why Warframe should consider introducing Pay-to-Skip options for quests.

Recently, Rebecca, the Creative Director for Warframe, mentioned (during a DevStream) the possibility of adding a Pay-to-Skip option for quests in the upcoming December update. This sparked a heated discussion in the community, where veteran players expressed their opposition to the idea, advocating for shortening the grind instead.

The issue with the veteran players’ suggestions lies in their feasibility within the tight December update deadline. This presents the pivotal question: retain the status quo, which risks losing players due to excessive grinding, or embrace a skip option to offer players quicker access to new content? The logical answer is to explore the skip option.

Implementing the Quest Boost

To make this transition smoother for new and returning players, a few strategies can be employed:

1. Rebranding: From Pay-to-Skip to Quest Boost

For marketing purposes, it’s essential not to label this option as “Pay-to-Skip.” Instead, consider adopting a more player-friendly term like “Quest Boost,” in line with industry standards. The goal is to ensure that players who use this option don’t feel like they’re missing out, but can play the content on their terms. Warframe is a pay-to-win game and has a gacha-game element to it. While there are already ways to “skip” progess in the game, for example fast-forward time, they are done discreetly without mentioning the word “skip”.

2. Decoupling Quests from Grind

One fundamental change should be to unlink quests from progression. For example, “The New War” quest currently necessitates a Railjack to complete it. After the quest, players could either utilize a more powerful Railjack from someone else or choose not to engage in that game mode. The quest requirement neglects to mention a well-geared Railjack is better for surviving the quest. A player shouldn’t invest the time in a Railjack unless it is a playstyle they enjoy. 

3. Cinematic Experience and Reward Distribution

Provide boosting players with a cinematic experience to immerse themselves in the story update. Following the cinematic’s completion, grant players the rewards for the quest. This approach minimizes the grind since items like Necramechs or Railjacks are unlikely to be required for gameplay in the new area historically. Players can then decide where to proceed, whether it’s heading to Deimos to level a Necramech or leveling the AMP they received from boosting “The New War.”

4. Data-Driven Insights

By introducing the boost option, Rebecca can gather valuable data on player preferences. If this option proves popular, it sends a clear signal about what new and returning players desire, regardless of veterans’ opinions. Furthermore, she can obtain insights on how players choose to progress once given more flexibility. Will veterans opt to skip or engage with the quest? This data can guide future decisions.

5. Mobile Platform Considerations

Warframe’s expansion into mobile platforms adds a layer of complexity. It’s vital to recognize the unique preferences and expectations of mobile gamers. Quests and their associated grind can be particularly challenging on mobile devices. Offering Quest Boosts not only enhances mobile accessibility but also aligns with established mobile gaming conventions.

Give Players Options

In conclusion, providing players with options rather than micromanaging their gameplay is a win-win for both the company and its players. The introduction of Quest Boosts empowers players to choose how they want to engage with the game. Those who wish to play through quests for free can do so, while others can opt for a more streamlined experience. This approach helps bridge the gap between long-time veterans and newcomers, ultimately enriching the Warframe gaming experience.

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