EVE Online: The Bait & Switch

EVE Online is one of the few games where I’ve seen such a disconnect between what players expect out of a game and what the game developers want to offer.

I was picking up skill books and blueprints scattered around the Universe. It’s nice to step back and admire the beauty in the game. I read an article about EVE being a bait and switch (lure with many options when in truth they try to force you into PvP). There are valid points made.

Veteran players often forget how the new players experience things in the game. How they find out about things in the game. Being informed does not make the game easier but it will give new players a more realistic expectation for the game. Many new players expect high security space to be like a PvE server in other games (no forced PvP) and that is not the case.

Slowly, CCP is improving the interface to make it less of spreadsheet game, which some veterans will not like. Hopefully, they will be able to find the right balance of game design to please their target audience.

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