Prodromos – The First Outpost #12 ~ Mass Effect: Andromeda

I wanted to do a catch up post summarizing what’s happened so far. Can you believe Dad lied to Cora?

This is random footage from the Vault, the area where I unlock a way to change the atmosphere on Eos so we can make an outpost there. Editing these videos has been a challenge. I’m having fun in the game but Andromeda has many aspects where it might be fun to play but not so fun to watch and even less fun to read about, so I edit those part out! Sort of like Minecraft or EVE with mining activities. Necessary but not necessarily fun to watch. I decided to do summary post and video to catch everyone up. If you prefer to watch and listen, the video is below. If you prefer to read, let’s do this!

What’s happened so far…

1) I woke up after 634 years (travel time) migrating to this new area in space. There are different arks (ships) for the different races but currently, only the human ark is accounted for. Initially, it was thought the initiative was a bust because the planets are inhabitable. The planets changed from the time they were scoped out in the beginning and when we got there.

2) While exploring on the planet, we tampered with technology we didn’t understand and caused a self-cleaning mechanism to go off. It knocked my Dad and I off a cliff and my helmet was damaged. You remember in the beginning of the game I damaged my helmet and fixed it? Well, the omni-tool was working but this time, I didn’t fix it and neither did Dad. He took his helmet off, made me Pathfinder, making SAM (the AI) more integrated with me (which is a secret) and died. He sacrificed his life for me.

3) My brother is in a coma – his pod was damaged.

4) I find out that Dad intended for me to be Pathfinder all along. Cora, who everyone thought would be his successor as she was training for it, was played! Throughout my journey as Pathfinder, Dad set memories for me to unlock. For me, not Cora. Not my twin brother.

5) I get a spiffy new ship called the Tempest and start exploring. I came across a vault and of course, start playing with alien technology I don’t understand, almost kill all of us but I changed the atmosphere on the planet so we can live there. Yay me! We set up the first outpost, Prodromos.

6) My team, so far, is pretty cool. Liam, Peebee, Cora, and Vetra. We’ll talk more about the others as we learn more about them. Addison is a bitch. That is all. Oh, and I still don’t like Cora.

As I said, I’m enjoying the game. After I edit and upload this, I’m going to play around with crafting and upgrades. While I’m further in the game than you see here, I am not as far as I thought I would be. I mentioned on Twitter that one of my cats, Kingston, passed away. Hmm…I’ll be honest. I didn’t feel like playing let alone talking but I made sure content flowed on the channel. It is what it is. The creepy thing is that there have been not one but two cats hanging out on my property that look like him. Pretty black cats. My cats are indoor cats but it seems like the status quo changed on which outdoor feral cat is claiming my property because they just appeared, chilling on my porches.

You know, March has been trippy. I got my AncestyDNA test results back. I shared my results with you guys but I didn’t tell you that I DNA connect closely with cousins that are full blown Irish, living in Ireland. One of my cousins, living in Ireland contacted me because he Google’d me. He knows a lot about me. Anyway, he asked if I was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and I said no, because Kingston passed away. Not long after, he sent me a message asking me if I knew what Periscope was. Long story short, I watched my family in Ireland celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. That was awesome and it made a shitty day much better for me. I haven’t had much time to work on the family tree but I’ll get back to it.

Okay, back to Andromeda…so much drama surrounding the game release! I think people just like to complain about things. Now, let me be clear. This game has problems, all games do, but the emotional rants were…can you imagine being around someone like that? Something happens they don’t like and they get all emotional and rant on and on and on OMG…no, just no! I ain’t (and I mean ain’t) the one. Nope. Not today or any other day. I have some questions about the game plot. For example, we’re the first from the Milky Way to venture this far but the Reapers or Protheans never encountered the Kett?

Will I ever find out why Dad lied to Cora? Think about that. She was his second in command. She trained to be a Pathfinder. He never corrected her yet he was planning all along for me to be Pathfinder. That’s cold. I’d like to know why me over her? I wonder if it is because of her biotics? Maybe my physiology because I’m his daughter makes SAM easier to transfer? I’m curious.

Oh, I picked the science outpost because of what happened with all the technology there we don’t understand. We need to understand it. Plus, setting up a military base doesn’t send a positive message to me. And it’s not like I know I can’t take out any threat that comes up haha!

So let’s put this out there: This is a Bioware game so you KNOW I’m going to pick the sexually dysfunctional partner with severe relationship issues because I always do. It will be another journey we will take…together.

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