EXO’s Lay Releases Solo Track “Monodrama” for SM STATION

Lay is the latest artist to release a solo track through SM's STATION series.

EXO’s Lay is the latest artist from SM Entertainment to release a song through the agency’s digital music channel STATION with his solo track “Monodrama”:

“Monodrama” is an R&B song with a strong guitar and piano medley throughout. The song was written, produced, and arranged by Lay, with help from producing team Divine Channel and composers Im Kwang Wook and Ryan Kim. The lyrics are about struggling to come to terms with the end of an relationship:

In the time that I’m waiting, I will be scared
I will slowly get used to the days without you
Just let time take this away, taking away my wounds
Your every message tells me that I’m acting out a monodrama, acting out a monodrama
Holding tightly onto the plot of this story, wo oh

“Monodrama” is the 16th single from SM’s STATION series, and the first song to be sung in Chinese.  Previous STATION tracks include f(x)’s Amber & Luna’s “Wave” and SHINee’s Jonghyun and Heritage “Your Voice“.