Birthday tributes for SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun!

Today would have been Jonghyun’s 29th birthday. So I’m sharing one of my favorite tracks “02:34” and tributes his friends and family have made.

Today would have been Kim Jonghyun’s birthday (It’s April 8th in South Korea).

In honor of today, I decided to post “02:34”, a song off his 2015 album, The Collection: Story Op. 1. It’s one of my favorite songs Jonghyun has written. The lyrics are about getting drunk with his childhood friends and looking back on all the memories they had created together. The title refers to the time Jonghyun arrived to their reunion party. It has a soulful, almost jazzy-type vibe to it. It’s chill and relaxing yet still uptempo in some spots.

One of Jonghyun’s friends, RootBridge wrote the song “You Did Well” for his birthday (here’s English translations for the lyrics; credit @iheartshinee_). It’s a reply song to “2:34”, and contains all of the words Jonghyun’s friends would like to say to him.

Also, Jonghyun’s sister Sodam paid tribute by covering her brother’s song “Happy Birthday”. She has a gorgeous voice and she gave a wonderful performance.

Happy birthday Jonghyun. You did well.

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