Having fun at work

Light-hearted fun can make a difference, when done appropriately, in keeping the workplace a more enjoyable place to be.

I love music and, for me, music makes just about everything better. I often dance while I work. And cook. And clean. And especially while doing yard work! ☺️

News anchor, Dan Thorn, had fun dancing to songs at work (CBS). Dan chair-danced to “Where They At Doe” (by T.I.) while his co-anchor Sarah Pisciuneri, coldly, did her own thing. This happened during a commercial break and some light-hearted fun at work can keep the work environment enjoyable (as long at the quality of work done does not suffer). In this case, many people have commented how much they enjoyed watching Dan and are interested in checking his broadcast out. This is an unexpected win/win situation for CBS as the video went viral in a positive manner and Dan’s personality got the chance to shine.

Keep in mind, all work environments aren’t as casual. There is a time and place to goof-off. All bosses aren’t created equal.

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