EXO Is Back with “Lucky One” and “Monster” Music Videos

EXO unveils the full music videos for their two title tracks.

EXO made their comeback on June 9 by releasing their third full-length album EX’ACT. The album dropped midnight KST, same time as the Korean and Chinese music videos for one of the title tracks “Lucky One”. The music videos for the second title track “Monster” were uploaded later in the day.

“Lucky One” is a disco/R&B-inspired pop track, similar to their previous track “Love Me Right”. The music video shows the group being trapped in a laboratory and trying to escape. Well, everyone except Kai, who decides to show off his dance moves instead.


“Monster”, on the the other hand, has a darker, bass-heavy dance-pop sound with the video showing the boys bloody and rioting in the streets. There are also scenes showing off the awesome choreography throughout the music video.



EX’ACT promises to be one of EXO’s best selling albums, with over 660,180 copies being pre-ordered, breaking their own record for most pre-order sales.

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