I want to kill Risha (SWTOR)

I am having fun playing a Smuggler but my instincts are telling me my new companion, Risha, cannot be trusted. I want to kill her character off. Badly.

I’m enjoying the Smuggler storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) much more than the Jedi (Consular). Jedi’s are a little too good for me. I would not want a life in which I wasn’t supposed to love anyone and there are times when I do something “bad” because I feel it is the right choice at the time.

The Smuggler is a good compromise. So far, she is doing good but when I have to kick butt, I don’t feel guilty. Which brings me to Risha. She was partners with the guy that stole my ship (who I want to kill). I got my ship back but this girl is still on it, we’re partners now and she’s going to make me rich. Haha, like I believe that! I want to kill her for thinking I’m that stupid.

What will most likely happen is that she’ll become part of my team. Why? When I say I want to kill someone in a Bioware  game that translates into “they become my best friend” somehow someway.

This playthrough will be an interesting journey.

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