Iggy Azalea’s “Team” Sounds Like an Iggy Azalea Song, But Doesn’t at the Same Time

After feuding with just about everyone, from Azealia Banks to Papa John’s, Iggy Azalea is hoping to make a fresh start with her new track “Team”. The song serves as the lead single off Iggy’s second studio album, Digital Distortion, which is supposed to be released later this year. There is no featured artist on “Team”, making it the first time Iggy has released a single without any vocal assistance.

The beat is actually pretty dope but it can feel a little disorienting as it switches from being an electro-rap song to having a Bounce-inspired beat directly borrowed from Juvenile’s 1999 hit “Back That Thang Up , to having a trap breakdown during the post-hook. The lyrics are boring and uninspired with silly lines like: 

“You gotta set the score right, call it Hans Zimmer
My time wherever I gooo
I took a chance like I’m from Chicagooo
100+ in that Murcielagooo
Bout to go ape, hey! Turn it to the congooo”.

Iggy still raps with the southern accent that made her one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop, with some strange enunciation and a few Jamaican patois thrown in. She also sings the hook, but her vocals sound strained and a little tone-deaf. You can kind of tell singing isn’t something Iggy is used to doing. The song sounds like Iggy Azalea but the personality and snarky attitude that made her famous is absent here.

But it’s not all bad though. There are two good things about “Team”, with the aforementioned beat being one of them. The hook and post-hook are infectious, with the lyrics being about independence and relying on no one other than yourself:

“Baby I got me
Baby I got me
And that’s all I need
Yeah that’s all I need
Baby I got me
Only friend I need
Playing on my team
Is someone like…
Me, baby, no way
Watch me while I do my thing
Oh, baby, no way
Are you fucking with the team?”

The song as a whole is okay but if you weren’t an Iggy Azalea fan before, then “Team” isn’t going to convert you. Will the song do well on the charts? Probably with the right promotion, but I don’t think it will be enough to resurrect Iggy’s career.

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