Incoming: Player Housing in Elder Scrolls Online (Homestead)

In December, Homestead was announced. Player housing is coming to Elder Scrolls Online. While I was typing the article, it was released to the public test server. It’s early. I’m not used to this. More about Homestead…

I’ve been catching up on gaming news, specific to the games I’m interested in playing. This morning, I revisited Elder Scrolls Online’s player housing announcement. Homestead is coming February 2017, so I wanted to see if the requirements for obtaining one were released yet.

I was happy to hear:

  • Players can own multiple homes.
  • Houses are instanced!
  • There will be over 40 unique homes.
  • Homes are styled after the playable races.
    • Players with Imperial digital upgrade will have access to all the homes.
    • The Imperial digital upgrade is still available in the Crown store.
  • The homes will be in the base zones, not the DLC zones. They are accessible to everyone.
  • There are furnished and unfurnished versions of each home.
  • Players start with a room in the in and upgrade at their own pace from there.
  • Players will be able to craft furniture!
    • The furniture can be sold to other players.
    • There will be over 2,000 items for players to use as home decorations.
  • There will be items you can add to your home via questing and adventuring that shows your achievements.
  • Of course, visitors can visit your home.
    • But they can’t steal anything!
    • Varied level of permissions so you can, for example, allow someone not on your friends list to visit.

One thing they haven’t mentioned, but I hope they add…extra storage space. Usually, houses allow access to your bank(s) but also additional storage for things collected in the game. I hope they expand it so you can paint the homes like you can change the color of armor. I’d like to paint the inside walls to further make my house unique. We’ll see what they add in the future. It wouldn’t make sense to launch with everything.

While I was typing this, Homestead was released on the public test server (it’s early!). I look forward to checking it out later.


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