‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: A Test of Pride — Season 2, Episode 9

As Scanlan, Pike, and Grog help the refugees flee from the goliath herd, Grog faces his troubled past.

Summary (TL;DR)

Scanlan infiltrates Westruun as a dragonfly, learning of the goliath power struggle and witnessing Anna Ripley. Pike and Grog discuss his dark past, where he once served Kevdak and witnessed the brutality inflicted on a peaceful village. Kaylie, a fellow bard, reveals the plight of Dr. Dranzel’s Spectacular Traveling Troupe under goliath rule. Grog, disguised, reunites with Scanlan and Pike to liberate the troupe, but his past as a goliath causes fear. He decides to confront Kevdak, his abusive uncle, and reclaim the powerful Titanstone Knuckles.

In Westruun, Scanlan, Pike, and Grog are on a mission to investigate the goliath attacks that Scanlan saw in his vision. Scanlan uses his magic to transform into a dragonfly and scout ahead. He overhears the goliaths discussing their need for more gold, and Zanror’s desire to confront his father, Kevdak. However, as Scanlan’s spell wears off, he crashes to the ground, drawing attention to himself. He takes refuge in a cellar with some refugees, where he meets Kaylie, another bard.

Meanwhile, Grog confides in Pike about his past and feelings of guilt and shame. In a flashback, Grog was part of Kevdak’s goliath herd, which attacked and massacred a peaceful village. When he encountered an old gnome named Wilhand, he spared his life and turned against his own kin. Kevdak punished Grog severely, beating him with powerful gauntlets called Titanstone Kunckles, leaving Grog for dead. However, Wilhand rescued and took him in after the attack.

Kaylie and the refugees are members of Dr. Dranzel’s Spectacular Traveling Troupe of musicians. Kaylie explains to Scanlan that the goliaths have taken over the city and are now under threat from the Chroma Conclave dragons. They witness Ripley, who is working with the dragons. Zanror confronts his father, but Kevdak beats him brutally, leaving them with no choice but to escape.

Grog disguises himself with pig’s blood and carries Pike, pretending she is dead, as they sneak into the city to reunite with Scanlan. Together, they help the refugees escape, but Grog realizes they are afraid of him due to his past actions. He decides to confront Kevdak alone and stand up for the “little folk”.

Back at the goliath herd, Kevdak asserts his dominance and challenges anyone to challenge his power. Grog shouts Kevdak’s name, announcing his arrival, asking, “Remember me?”

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