‘Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: The Fey Realm — Season 2, Episode 7

Half of the party wind up in the mysterious Fey Realm, while the remaining members are the latest targets for Craven Edge’s bloodlust.

The Trippy Beauty of the Fey Realm

The good news is that Keyleth has successfully teleported herself, Percy, and twins Vax’ildan (Vax) and Vex’ahlia (Vex) to the Fey Realm. The bad news is that nobody knows where Scanlan, Pike, and Grog were sent because Umbrasyl disrupted the spell.

Keyleth regrets casting her spell, but Vax points out that they would be dead if she hadn’t. As the group begins their search for the next Vestige of Divergence, they quickly realize that the Fey Realm is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Percy, who has had a lifelong fascination with the Fey Realm, embraces the challenge with enthusiasm. Despite his extensive studies, even Percy is surprised by the things they encounter.

As they make their way through the Awoken Grove, the plants begin attacking Vax. Only Vex is able to save him with her explosive arrows. She is also the first one to realize that they are being watched. Using her broom to investigate, she confronts a small satyr and brings the creature to the others for questioning. The satyr introduces himself as Garmelie and admits to viewing the party as a source of entertainment. He has even created explicitly inappropriate drawings of Vox Machina. Garmelie offers to lead the party to where they need to go, but Percy declines.

Soon, Vax is attacked by small, jelly-like creatures that amalgamate into a larger jelly monster. Realizing that it is focused on him, Vax leads the blob away from the group. Vex and Keyleth are hit by the jelly’s spores and fall into a psychedelic, hallucination-filled acid trip. Keyleth apologizes to some plants, while Vex imagines a conversation with her pet bear, Trinket. Luckily for Vax, Percy joins the attack with a plan. Vax leads the jelly to water, and Percy electrocutes it using his new hand-worn weapon.

Later, Vax tells Percy coldly that he didn’t need his help, but Percy quips that nobles are stubborn. He admits to making mistakes, but he can relate to Vax’s struggle with darkness. No matter what, he’ll always have Vax’s back. Vax explains that the creatures were drawn to his armor and his connection to the Matron of Ravens. He fears that it is a sign he is heading in a direction away from the others, and it’s a path that Percy cannot follow.

Vex and Keyleth slowly come out of their trance just as Galimere arrives. Once again, he offers to be their guide, which Percy reluctantly accepts. Galimere leads them to a strange city that recently materialized in the Realm. Vax and Vex recognize it as the Elven city of Syngorn, the city they lived in with their abusive father.

Breaking the Habit

Meanwhile, Grog, Scanlan, and Pike are transported to a remote and rocky location. A horrified Grog apologizes to Pike for stabbing her, but she understands that it was his sword, Craven Edge, that was responsible. When she tries to heal herself, Craven Edge sucks the blood that oozed out of her, which it uses to feed itself. Scanlan and Pike try to convince Grog that the sword is evil, but he doesn’t want to accept it.

It doesn’t take long for Craven Edge to corrupt Grog by telling him that his friends are simply jealous. Grog is about to attack the gnomes when he has a vision of Pike’s face after he stabbed her. The image gives him the strength to turn against Craven Edge, and he starts smashing the sword against the rocks. “If this is the end, I’m taking you with me!” Craven Edge threatens, but that doesn’t stop Grog from ripping the sword in half. He falls as he’s surrounded by swirling red energy.

When Grog comes to, he sees that he’s been stripped of his strength and muscles. He’s weaker than Vax, and he can hardly walk, and even drinking on his own is a struggle. Grog is devastated, but Pike assures him that everything will be okay. The trio is back in Tal’Dorei, and Pike knows someone who can help.

We have a cute moment of Pike complimenting Scanlan on being Grog’s caretaker. Of course, Scanlan ruins the mood by offering to change into a sexy nurse’s outfit, which he berates himself for. He doesn’t notice Pike blushing as she watches him shoo away the ravenous crows from Grog. Eventually, they reach their destination: a small, cozy cottage, but we don’t know who the mystery healer is.

Gold Over Vestiges

Thordak is reprimanding Umbrasyl via magic for letting Vox Machina escape. Umbrasyl presents Mythcarver and explains that the rest of the Vestiges of Divergence could make the Chroma Conclave even more powerful. Thordak agrees to let Umbrasyl search for them, as long as he continues to bring Thordak his riches.

“The fool could become a god, served by champions armed with vestiges, but all he can think about is gold,” says Anna Ripley after the conversation between the dragon and Umbrasyl ends. Umbrasyl replies that Thordak’s plans will become clear in time, and soon they will all be gods.

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