Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: Today, I Am a Woman

Casey learns about loyalty and friendship during her bat mitzvah.

Lunella and Devil once again fail to catch Rockin’ Rudy, but they have bigger fish to fry. They’re heading to Casey’s house for dinner to discuss her upcoming bat mitzvah. Casey’s feeling the pressure because her triplet cousins had a bat mitzvah that was nothing short of epic. Her parents, Isaac and Antonio, remind her that it’s not about living up to anyone else’s standards, it’s about celebrating her own achievements.

At school, Lunella’s working on a chocolate fountain for Casey when she has a brainstorm. She decides to spread the word that Casey’s bat mitzvah will feature none other than Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. It’s a surefire way to get people excited.

The big day arrives, and everyone’s in attendance, including Odessa Drake, a major player in the online world. But Odessa seems more interested in Lunella’s technology than the ceremony itself. Casey’s starting to get a bit of an attitude as her followers start to multiply. Lunella tries to duck out and avoid her, but eventually, she’s had enough. She confronts Casey in a photo booth and gives her a piece of her mind. Casey’s defensive at first, but after seeing the photos, she realizes that she’s been acting like a brat.

Meanwhile, Lunella discovers that Odessa’s stolen her pack. Beyonder spills the beans that Odessa’s the daughter of the Thieves Guild founder, a group that specializes in stealing superhero gear. Lunella and Odessa go head-to-head in a fight that interrupts the ceremony, but Casey’s not giving up that easily. She stops the whole thing, realizing that she can’t continue without Lunella by her side. Together, they defeat Odessa, and Casey earns the approval of her triplet cousins before apologizing to Lunella.

The party continues to Roll With It after Devil eats his fill, and Lunella confesses to Casey that she’s left Odessa tied up in a closet to be picked up. Who’s picking her up? None other than Captain America, formerly known as Falcon.

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