‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: The Hope Devourer — Season 2 Finale, Episode 12

We learn that Scalan wants a family bond with Kaylie and proves he can stand up and fight when he wants to. Vox Machina has an unexpected ally.

Summary (TL;DR)

Scalan attempts to make amends with Kaylie, but she stubbornly refuses to forgive him. Meanwhile, Vax bravely confronts the Matron of Ravens and comes to the realization that she is constantly watching their every move, which confirms that they are indeed on the right path.

In His Dreams

In a serene and tranquil cottage nestled beside a waterfall, an aged and wise Scanlan Shorthalt regales his wide-eyed grandchildren with a legendary tale of his heroic deeds. Vox Machina played a part, of course, in his epic victory over the dreaded dragon, Umbrasyl. His daughter, Kaylie, now a mother herself, serves warm milk and freshly-baked cookies to her children as they listen to their grandfather’s voice.

As the story progresses, the pages of the book suddenly form the message, “Wake Up!” Gradually, Scanlan realizes that he is in fact inside the belly of Umbrasyl, with Vax’ildan (Vax) urgently calling out to him. The dragon takes off, Grog trailing behind it, clinging for dear life onto a rope.

When Dreams Come True

Keyleth shifts into a giant eagle and carries Pike and Percy, while Vex’ahlia (Vex) jumps onto her broomstick. They take off in pursuit as the dragon attempts to knock Grog off the rope. The dragon unleashes a powerful acid blast, causing Grog to lose his grip, but he manages to activate the Titanstone Knuckles before hitting the ground, saving himself from certain death, although not without severe injuries.

Vax, on the other hand, successfully penetrates the dragon’s scales, and Scanlan catches them both with his mighty Hand. Unfortunately, the dragon swoops back and knocks them out of the sky. As they plummet to the ground, Vax calls upon the Matron of Ravens, surrendering to her power. His back sprouts wings, halting his fall, and he soars after Scanlan, catching him just before he crashes into the earth.

Outside of Umbrasyl’s lair, Pike uses her healing abilities to tend to Grog’s wounds. Vax and Scanlan join them, and Vax urges the group to attack while the dragon is still wounded. Scalan does not agree.

Inside the lair, Umbrasyl destroys Thordak’s image and informs Anna Ripley of the ambush, while preparing for Vox Machina’s arrival. Vax volunteers to scout ahead and reminds the group of their safe word “chenga” before entering.

As Vax enters the lair, he comes across the impaled head of Kamaljiori and is attacked by the invisible dragon. Outside, the party charges in to rescue him, with Scanlan reluctantly bringing up the rear. During the ensuing battle, Scanlan sneaks behind Umbrasyl, takes the Mythcarver, and stabs the dragon in the eye. A magical blast from the Mythcarver kills Umbrasyl, causing the dragon to land on Scalan. Grog and Vax lift the dragon off of Scalan, while Pike heals him. Anna Ripley escapes.

As they search the dragon’s lair, they discover a magical key that Scanlan claims for himself. As they prepare to leave, Vax senses the presence of the Matron once again. He looks up and sees her watching them from a distance. He nods to her, acknowledging her role in their journey. Then, she disappears into the shadows.

To Be Continued

Keyleth transports them to Whitestone. Upon their arrival, they are met by Keeper Yennen, who greets them warmly. That evening, they attend a celebratory meeting, where Cassandra offers a toast. Kima reminds them that there are still three formidable dragons left, and Yennen warns them to proceed with caution, cautioning that not everything is as it appears. Yennen’s form partially transforms into the green dragon Raishan.

Raishan reveals herself to be their ally and stops Vax’s dagger attack with ease. She despises Thordak as much as they do and wishes to help them stop him. She informs them that Thordak is insane and seeks gold not for greed, but for a different purpose. To defeat him, they will need assistance.

Meanwhile, in Emon, Vorugal informs Thordak of Umbrasyl’s defeat and predicts that the Vestige bearers will soon come for the remaining dragons. Thordak merely chuckles, claiming that a new army awaits them that will conquer the world and bring glory to the Chroma Conclave. He reveals the presence of multiple glowing eggs in a cavern beneath them that are growing near to hatching.

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