Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 14 Recap: Coney Island, Baby!

A day at Coney Island becomes a living nightmare for Lunella.

It’s easy to assume that Lunella is a fearless thirteen-year-old — at least that’s the impression she gives when taking down villains as Moon Girl. When her grandmother Mimi barges into her room, she makes an announcement that shakes Lunella to her core: they’re going to Coney Island (Casey included).

When Lunella was five years old, she was separated from Mimi and ended up at a fun house. One of the clown animatronics fell on top of her, and the incident traumatized her to the point where the entire park frightens her. Despite her terror, Lunella is determined to conquer her fear and not ruin Mimi and Casey’s fun. However, Lunella’s day takes a turn when she catches the attention of the Beyonder — an omnipotent being who’s been sent to Earth to research humanity. Lunella calls Devil Dinosaur for backup, and he spends most of the episode struggling to reach Coney Island due to his fear of getting stung by jellyfish.

The Beyonder becomes fascinated with her fear and decides to help her conquer it, in his own twisted way. He intensifies every ride and deletes a section of roller coaster tracks, forcing Lunella to become Moon Girl and save people in danger. Eventually, Beyonder learns what Lunella’s greatest fear is — she’s terrified of losing the people she loves. He abducts Mimi and gives Lunella ten minutes to find her. Lunella deduces that Mimi is hidden in the fun house, but can’t bring herself to go inside. It isn’t until Devil finally arrives, dripping wet and covered in jellyfish stings, that Lunella realizes she needs to learn how to power through her fear.

Lunella heads into the fun house as herself while Casey blasts some music from the sound speakers, because the power of music is in full effect in this series. The clown animatron comes to life. Lunella punches the clown, successfully conquering her fear and saving Mimi, who has no recollection of what happened. While Lunella and Casey have fun on the rides, Mimi bumps into the Beyonder. She thanks him for giving her “a tour” of Coney Island, and he responds with a warning: they are coming for her. He doesn’t go into specifics, but the expression on Mimi’s face makes it clear she’s about to face her greatest fear sooner rather than later.

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