Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 14 Recap: Coney Island, Baby!

A former antagonist returns to force Lunella to overcome her deepest fears.

Summary (TL;DR)

Lunella confronts her fear of Coney Island following a traumatic incident from her childhood. The Beyonder reappears and intensifies her rides to aid in overcoming her fear, but he ends up abducting her grandmother, Mimi. With Devil’s arrival, Lunella finds the courage to conquer her fear and rescues Mimi from the fun house. However, the Beyonder’s warning for Mimi suggests that trouble lies ahead.



Lunella is in her room reading scary stories to Casey when her grandmother Mimi barges in. She makes an announcement that shakes Lunella to her core: they’re going to Coney Island (Casey included).

Lunella fakes her excitement at first, but she starts freaking out once Mimi leaves. Lunella explains to Casey that when she was five years old, she was separated from Mimi and had gotten lost. She ended up at the Chuckle Hole Funhouse where one of the clown animatronics fell on top of her. Mimi rescued her, but the incident traumatized Lunella to the point where the entire park frightens her. The trio arrives at Coney Island the next day. Despite her terror, Lunella is determined not ruin Mimi and Casey’s fun.

The Return of The Beyonder

You know who’s also at Coney Island? The Beyonder — an omnipotent alien whose still studying humanity, specifically food. The Beyonder notices Lunella and her anxiety-fueled sweat, and decides to investigate. Lunella calls Devil Dinosaur for backup, but he doesn’t want to swim to Coney Island due to his fear of getting stung by jellyfish. He tries to bypass the water by jumping on a ferry…only to realize he’s on his way to Staten Island instead.

After confronting Lunella, the Beyonder becomes fascinated with the concept of human fear. He decides to help her overcome her fear by tampering, ramping up every ride she goes on. In one of his experiments, the Beyonder deletes a section of the track on the roller coaster Casey and Mimi are riding in. Lunella has no choice but to change into become Moon Girl and rescue the riders without tipping them off to the danger they’re in.

Finding Courage 

Eventually, the Beyonder figures out what Lunella’s greatest fear is: she’s terrified of losing the people she loves. In his final test, the Beyonder transforms everyone except Lunella, Casey, and Mimi into eyeless zombies with creepy smiles plastered on their face. He abducts Mimi and gives Lunella ten minutes to find her — or else he’ll send Mimi to another dimension forever. 

Lunella deduces that Mimi is hidden in the Chuckle Hole fun house, but she can’t bring herself to go inside. It isn’t until Devil finally arrives, dripping wet and covered in jellyfish stings, that Lunella realizes that she’s got it all wrong. “Fear isn’t something I need to get over, it’s something I need to get through”. 

Lunella heads into the fun house as herself while Casey blasts some music from the sound speakers, because the power of music is in full effect in this series. The Beyonder brings the clown animatron that traumatized Lunella to life. Lunella defeats the clown by punching it in the face, and finally conquers her fear. To his credit, the Beyonder is sincere when he congratulates Lunella and releases Mimi, who has no recollection of her abduction. 

An Ominous Warning 

While Lunella and Casey have fun on the rides, Devil wins an eating contest by devouring the entire table! Mimi bumps into the Beyonder, and she thanks him for giving her “a tour” of Coney Island. The Beyonder responds with a warning: “they” are coming for her. We never learn who “they” are because he doesn’t go into specifics. But the horrified expression on Mimi’s face makes it clear that she’s about to face her greatest fear soon. 

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