Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 15 Recap: OMG Issue #1

Secrets are revealed as Lunella is confronted by a dangerous new enemy. 

The first half of the season one finale shines a spotlight on a forgotten yet important character — the original Moon Girl. Who is the mysterious inventor that creates the portal generator, bringing Devil Dinosaur into the 21st century?

A flashback shows her destroying the original portal generator while being chased by armored men in yellow battle suits. In the present day, guards wearing the same yellow suits attack Lunella, the current Moon Girl. After defeating the agents, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Maria Hill arrive with the same question as Moon Girl: who are these bee-themed mercenaries? As S.H.I.E.L.D takes the goons away, Maria gives Moon Girl her phone number in case she needs any help. 

Back at the lab, Lunella, Devil, and Casey discover a connection between this strange organization and the original Moon Girl. Terrified, Lunella wonders if this group is responsible for erasing the original Moon Girl from history and if she’ll suffer a similar fate. She shares the news with Agent Hill, but the captured agents escape S.H.I.E.L.D’s headquarters before they can be interrogated.

Later, while chilling at her family’s skating rink Roll With It, Lunella notices a male customer flashing a honeycomb tattoo on his wrist that matches The Organization’s logo. It’s a subtle warning that makes it clear this man knows Lunella’s secret identity and where to find her and her family. Lunella escapes to the lab where she finds someone messing with the portal device while Devil sleeps. The intruder turns out to be her grandmother Mimi, who figures out that Lunella got her hands on the schematics for the original portal generator.

Not only does Mimi know that Lunella is a superhero, but she also reveals that she’s the original Moon Girl who invented the portal generator alongside her partner Maris Morlak (the guy with the honeycomb tattoo). The duo used to work for the Enclave, where they developed the portal generator as a means of traveling to space. One day, the Enclave’s head researcher tries to steal credit for inventing the generator so he can sell it to the military. When an enraged Maris activates the device during a demonstration, tentacles pop out and drag everyone through the portal, with Maris and Mimi being the sole survivors. Maris loses his mind and takes over the Enclave, while Mimi escapes.

Before Mimi can destroy the portal generator, one of the Enclave’s agents breaks into Lunella’s bedroom. Mimi rushes upstairs and beats up the armored goons — while the Lafayette family remains oblivious to everything happening around them. Meanwhile, Morlak and his agents enter Lunella’s lab, where they battle Lunella and Devil over the generator. Unfortunately, Devil is seriously injured while Mimi finds herself outnumbered. Lunella orders Devil to destroy the generator as Mimi surrenders. Surprisingly, Morlak is unfazed by the generator’s destruction as he captures Lunella and plants a bomb in her lab — with an injured Devil still inside.

As Lunella tries to escape the truck they’re being driven in, Mimi explains that their handcuffs are activated by their body heat. Lunella manages to break into the truck’s cooling system and uses its nitrogen supply to unlock the cuffs. She bursts the truck’s doors open, but Mimi decides to stay and face the consequences of her past. Lunella is devastated until she remembers Devil. She skates towards the lab at top speed, but the bomb goes off before she can make it. The episode ends with a heartbroken Lunella falling to her knees as she watches her lab go up in flames.

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