ONEUS make their debut with “Valkyrie”

ONEUS just dropped their first mini album Light Us on Jan 9th.

On January 9th, ONEUS made their debut by releasing their first mini album Light Us and its title track “Valkyrie”. The six member boy band are signed under RBW Entertainment (MAMAMOO’s agency), and they’re the second male group that RBW has debuted (the first being ONEWE).

“Valkyrie” is an uptempo dance track with a catchy guitar hook and is a blend between hip-hop, EDM, and K-pop’s tendency to get a little crazy with their instrumentals.

I’ll admit when I heard the song, I was confused at first because I was reading the English lyrics while watching the music video, and kept seeing “light up” while I knew I heard them singing “Valkyrie”. Turns out the song has a double meaning. While the song compares a lover to the valkyrie, the title of the song is a play on the phrase “to light up”, which sounds similar to valkyrie in Korean. (the things you learn as a non-Korean speaking girl listening to K-pop).

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