SF9 – “Enough”

SF9 delves into Greek mythology with their latest comeback.

K-pop boy band SF9 is back with their sixth mini album Narcissus, which dropped on February 20.

“Enough” is a catchy, electro-pop about self-love and the music video shows the group rocking a more mature, sensual concept. The concept was inspired by the myth of Narcissus, a Greek god who fell in love with himself after viewing his reflection in the mirror. In the lyrics, the word “you” has a double meaning — “you” refers to both oneself and another person.

 “It’s a song about self-love and it says we’re already beautiful enough inside, so we don’t need to become any more beautiful.”

— Youngbin from an interview for Soompi 20190220.

SF9 has been coming out with some awesome title tracks, with “Roar” and “Now or Never” being my favorites. Hope they keep up the good work.

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