‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Belly of the Beast — Season 2, Episode 11

Grog’s Herd and Vox Machina work together to try to eliminate Umbrasyl. Vax confronts the Matron of Ravens.

In last week’s episode, Grog challenged his uncle Kevdak, the leader of a violent tribe, to a duel in a city under their control. Grog was severely wounded and outnumbered by Kevdak’s followers. Vox Machina helped Grog defeat Kevdak. The episode ended with a cliffhanger between Scalan and Kaylie when she revealed she’s his daughter.

Accepting the Truth

Scanlan finds himself in a bit of a predicament, his arms bound and practically naked, as he stares down the sharp end of Kaylie’s sword. He tries to plead his innocence, claiming he had no idea she even existed. In a bizarre twist, he even invites her to stab him, but she can’t bring herself to do it. Kaylie locks her magical sword in place at his throat and promptly leaves. Ever the crafty one, Scanlan manages to free himself, but Kaylie is already gone.

Later on, Vax asks Scanlan if he ever feels like his life is changing, and he doesn’t know what will happen next. Scanlan responds with a melancholic tone, admitting that since they all started adventuring together, he has felt that way every single day. He stares at Kaylie’s sword, which he now possesses, lost in his own thoughts. Suddenly, he has a realization – fear cannot be the driving force in one’s life. He turns to Vax and tells him to “take the plunge.”

Meanwhile, in the depths of Gatshadow, Umbrasyl speaks with Thordak, seeking to acquire a powerful vestige that exceeds even the Mythcarver. Thordak, impatient and displeased with the delay in the delivery of his gold, threatens Umbrasyl with fiery death if collections don’t improve. Anna Ripley reminds the dragon that with the gauntlets, he would no longer have to grovel to Thordak.

Don’t Fear Death

The next morning, while discussing a strategy to take down Umbrasyl, Vex notices Vax slipping out of the tavern. Vax walks through the ruins of the city, making his way to a towering temple that stands out amidst the destruction. He calls out to Vex, knowing she’s been following him. When Vex protests that it was Keyleth who made the noise, Vax tells them that he hears the Matron of Ravens calling to him in his head, and he decides to answer her call. Alone, he enters the temple, leaving the women outside anxiously waiting for his return.

While waiting, Keyleth opens up to Vex about the complicated feelings between her and Vax. Keyleth seeks Vex’s advice on what she should do, and Vex encourages her to be patient and not to let Vax slip away.

Inside the temple, Vax is led by veiled maidens to a pool of blood, where the Matron’s masked face looms over him. When his questions go unanswered, Vax remembers Scanlan’s words and takes the plunge into the pool. As he sinks, panic sets in as he realizes he can’t swim back up, but eventually, he accepts whatever fate awaits him and sinks to the bottom.

The Matron of Ravens appears as an immense masked figure, calling him “Champion” and revealing that he is “fate-touched,” able to see and manipulate the Threads of Fate. The Matron explains her purpose of safeguarding the transition between life and death, and asks Vax if he accepts this charge. Though he feels he has no choice, Vax agrees, and the Matron tells him not to fear death.

After a kiss on his forehead, Vax wakes up gasping in the bloody pool, surrounded by the silent veiled maidens. Outside, Vex is horrified at his appearance, but Vax is newly calm and confident in their mission, knowing that the Matron is watching over them.

Of Course, It’s Scalan’s Idea

Back at the tavern, Zanror gives Kevdak’s bloodaxe to Grog. Kaylie prepares to leave with Dr. Dranzel’s Spectacular Traveling Troupe towards Ank’Harel. Scanlan offers to try to be the father Kaylie always wanted, and Kaylie responds that he would have to do a lot of right to make up for it.

The trap is set at the offering spot outside Westruun. The Herd and Vox Machina hide as Umbrasyl lands, displeased with the meager offering. As Umbrasyl takes off, Vex shoots an arrow, triggering the trap and capturing the dragon. Everyone attacks as Umbrasyl struggles, eventually breaking free and becoming invisible. Scanlan proposes a daring plan to Vax, they need to get inside the dragon, anally.

Vex’s arrow breaks the dragon’s invisibility, allowing Grog to deal significant damage. With Scanlan’s Hand, Vax and Scanlan make their way up the dragon’s behind and into its stomach, where Scanlan deploys Kaylie’s immovable sword. Everyone attacks the Umbrasyl, who eventually frees itself from the impaling sword and flies away with Vax and Scanlan still inside. Grog throws Kevdak’s bloodaxe, attached to a rope, into the dragon’s back and grabs hold, being pulled through the air towards the dragon’s lair in Gatshadow.

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