Star Wars: Visions S2E9 – Aau’s Song: Melodious Power

Aau’s enchanting vocals has an unexpected effect on the kyber crystals.

Summary (TL;DR)

On the planet Korba, the Sith have corrupted precious kyber crystals, disrupting the lives of the Korbonians. A young girl named Aau possesses a powerful voice that can impact these crystals, and her father, Abat, hides her gift to protect her. A Jedi named Kratu arrives and becomes entangled in the mystery of the failing crystal purification. Aau’s song inadvertently causes a cave-in, but Kratu saves them. Recognizing Aau’s unique ability, Kratu offers her a chance to join the Jedi, and Aau ultimately chooses to leave Korba and train with her.

On the distant planet of Korba, a world teeming with secrets and untold wonders, a tragic tale unfolds. The once serene and harmonious lives of the Korbonian residents have been marred by the sinister arrival of the Sith, who, with their nefarious intentions, poisoned the very essence of their existence—the kyber crystals. In the aftermath of this evil-minded act, the Korbonians have tirelessly toiled to restore the purity of these precious crystals. 

At the center of this captivating story is a young girl named Aau, whose extraordinary voice possesses an otherworldly resonance. Aau’s father, Abat, keeps her gift hidden from the world due to its profound effect on the ailing kyber crystals.  

Amidst the struggle to understand the faltering purification efforts, a curious Jedi named Kratu arrives on Korba. Driven by an insatiable desire to unravel the mysteries that plague the land, Kratu’s presence intertwines the destinies of Aau, Abat, and the Jedi knight.  

While Abat delves into the mines with his trusted assistant, Attu, Aau tends to the livestock and experiences a transformative moment. She follows a melodious call, leading her to a cavern adorned with red kyber crystals.  

In the heart of the chamber, Aau lets her voice weave an enchanting song, resonating with the crystals’ essence. However, Abat’s unexpected discovery disrupts the harmony, causing the crystals to tremble and crumble. Acting swiftly, Abat rescues Aau, but it is Kratu who saves them from impending doom, using her command over the Force.   

Undeterred, Aau realizing her pivotal role, releases a dazzling song that restores the purity of the kyber crystals. Witnessing this awe-inspiring moment, Kratu recognizes Aau’s unique ability and presents her with a choice. Aau must contemplate her destiny and decide whether to embark on a new path alongside Kratu.  

After a night of introspection, Aau embraces her newfound path, bidding farewell to her beloved father, Abat. Understanding the significance of this moment, Abat imparts his wisdom and acknowledges Aau as the first of their kind to venture beyond their world.  

With love and understanding, Aau and Abat express their emotions, knowing that this chapter is part of the grand tapestry of their lives. And so, guided by the enigmatic Jedi, Kratu, Aau embarks on her next adventure.   

The Alluring Call of the Force

In The Bandits of Golak, Rani lacked a level of maturity that allowed her to comprehend the dangers involved in flaunting her Force abilities in public. In contrast, this episode unfolded with a solemn caution directed at Aau regarding her melodious voice, which, due to the delicate nature of kyber crystals, had a disconcerting impact on them. The consequences of Aau’s song reverberated harshly, causing Abat’s hand to be seared as an immediate result of the crystal’s tumultuous reaction. 

To a considerable degree, Aau made efforts to restrain her vocal prowess, but the Force persistently enticed her to unleash her song. It is intriguing to contemplate whether Kratu, in her wisdom, would have asked Aau to join her if the subsequent turmoil had not occurred. 

Contrasting Tichina, filled with faith in her abilities, failed in harnessing her Force abilities, we see Aau confidently purify the crystals. Both had faith in their abilities, but we see a recurring pattern: one person discovers they have Force powers, and the discovery changes their lives.  

Once again, we bear witness to the embodiment of love through acts of kindness. The loving affection shared between Aau and Abat remained a luminous beacon throughout the entirety of the chapter. Despite facing arduous challenges in their quest to stabilize the crystals, it was ultimately the illuminating force of the light that repaired what had been fractured. 

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